Scott Baker

SCOTT BAKER is a Senior Editor and Writer at Opednews, a top 100 blog, as well as a blogger for Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Global Economic Intersection. He is President of Common Ground-NYC, a Georgist group focusing on achieving social justice and economic growth by untaxing productive activities, and instead taxing the abuse and use of the natural resources of the commons, including locational values. He has written dozens of articles for Common Ground's national publication, GroundSwell, and has promoted the Georgist Single Tax to public officials, which would dramatically reduce use of finite resources—which, rightfully, belong to all of us—and increase productivity in Earth, saving ways, while virtually eliminating unproductive speculation (by taxing away the fuel for it), decrease poverty, and promote Social Injustice. He is a member and the New York State Coordinator of Ellen Brown's Public Banking Institute.

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