Is the Georgist philosophy making new inroads in public policy? According the Fred Harrison, not as much as it should and the reason is to be found not in the relevance of the message but in the way it is being articulated (by the followers of Henry George).

This episode of Smart Talk stresses the need for Georgists to seize the opportunity offered by the ongoing disenchantment with mainstream economics by crafting a message that would resonate with younger generations who are eager to find alternatives.

Harrison also points out that rent-seeking behavior is on full display by the current American president, which should be continually brought to attention and explained on a daily basis by Georgists in the news media, blogs, social media, and every other opportunity made possible.

Fred Harrison is the Director of the London based Land Research Trust. He authored many outstanding books on Political Economy. Fred is also a contributor to many news outlets, including but not limited to Money Week and a frequent guest on the Henry George School’s Smart Talk Series


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