MIT Seeks Geonomic Solutions to Climate Change
If MIT wakes up to the power of geonomics—of efficient land use from reform of public revenue flow—this phenomenal reform for good will win a new legion.
June 9, 2015
Jeffery J. Smith

The scientists at the most prestigious science university in the world are seeking solutions. That's amazing. Usually people are enthralled by problems, not solutions. And typically people enjoying high prestige do not ask others for their opinions. So this is a major exception.

MIT is conducting a contest that closes soon. You can enter. You can like our proposal, Make Prices Reward “Green” Choices, in Shifting Attitudes & Behavior by The Geonomist. You can also make comments there. But hurry. Closure is days away.

If the judges select geonomics as a solution, it would make the world a different place. The people pushing solutions to climate change are young, idealistic, and well-placed—just the kind of people you want soldiering your movement. Imagine if they sang out “share rents” along with “tax carbon”. You see how powerful this could be? Go there now!

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