In Memory of Dr. Fred Foldvary
Dr. Foldvary has been a beacon of light for his economic wisdom and rational discourse.
July 22, 2021
Martin Adams
Author, Educator

Josie Faass, director of the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation, put together a moving tribute to Dr. Fred Foldvary, Ph.D., who recently passed on June 5, 2021. Dr. Fred Foldvary has been a long-time contributor to through his many articles over the years (for a full list of his articles, please click here).

His life has touched many people, including economists throughout the world. Dr. Foldvary was the first economist — due to his in-depth knowledge of the 18-year real-estate cycle — to have correctly forecast the economic crash of 2008 a full 11 years before it happened, back in 1997.

On a personal note, I owe a debt of gratitude to Dr. Foldvary, for he helped and supported me in the research for my book, in which his work on the 18-year real-estate cycle is extensively featured. Dr. Foldvary had the patience and kindness to explain sometimes seemingly complicated economic topics in a way that I could understand. For this, and for his enduring kindness and humanitarian perspectives, I’ll be forever grateful.

Here at, we’ll be sure to safeguard for posterity his contributions to the collective knowledge of the world through his writings, papers, and talks, which will be listed under his author’s page.

Fred, we’ll miss you.

Martin Adams
Executive Director,
Author, LAND

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Martin Adams
Author, Educator

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