Geonomics and Immigration
Major media has Americans focusing on immigrants rather than the deepest underlying reasons why anyone would choose to abandon their home.
July 7, 2019
Jeffery J. Smith

Major media has Americans focusing on immigrants, not on the deepest underlying reasons why anyone would choose to abandon their home. How do clear thinkers respond? Should the USA, or any First World nation, allow unlimited immigration?

The US government is politicians, politicians are lawyers, and too many operate from that glad-handing personality, from that mindset where lying is second nature. Elected or not, such parasites (if you, dear reader, and the ticks and lice will forgive me) have no standing to allow or disallow anything.

Big picture, why do Latins leave home? Knowing the answer, how can people who're happy in their comfortable home in the developed world help others become happy enough in their own homes to want to stay there?

1) Zero out foreign so-called aid, most of which goes to corrupt elites, not 20% or even 10% ever shows up on the ground, in the pockets of the most downtrodden.

2) Zero out the outflow of guns. That is, the freebie weapons in military aid packages, the ones that foreign politicians “buy” with money they get from the American taxpayer or global bank (which are underwritten by the American taxpayer).

3) Legalize drugs so private gangs won’t have the income to spend on guns. Without so many guns in dysfunctional societies, people there face less violence and can safely strive for the same rights everyone else in the First World takes for granted.

4) Untax all imports from nations now displacing so many of their citizens northward. That’ll give their economies a big shot in the arm, lift many people out of poverty.

5) Insure the investments of Americans who invest in a country that meets universal standards for protecting nature, worker, and consumer--a big shot in the under-developed country's other arm.

6) After all this, rather than take in their victims, offer to take in all the dictators that the US has supported over the years, give them a fat pension, let them live in splendor without exploiting anybody.

7) Set a better example at home: (a) Abolish corporate welfare. (b) Axe counterproductive taxes. (c) Recover socially-generated values, such as the annual rental value of locations and of corporate charters and of bankers’ sovereignty. (d) With those recovered values, share them; pay a Citizens Dividend. Just like the US Founding Fathers wrote a constitution other rebels and reformers copied, so could modern US Planet Savers legislate the geonomic policy that’d make America the envy of all—free of pollution, done with poverty.

Do all seven and you won’t have to worry about being mobbed by a bunch of people you can’t identify with. Indeed, then all the visitors will be tourists from formerly poor places, now with oodles of cash to spend. Then, if there’d still be any migration, it’d be from the former First World to the places that have always had perfect weather and fun-loving societies.

Ready to help make it happen?

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Jeffery J. Smith

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