Electing Geoist Candidates in the United States
One of the ways to promote Geoism/Georgism and LVT is to run candidates for office.
November 18, 2018
Mike O'Mara
Policy Maker

One of the ways to promote LVT and other Geoism principles is to run candidates for office. If a candidate wins, then that person can propose and support LVT legislation. Or, even if a candidate doesn't win the election, the ideas are still publicized during the campaign.

An LVT candidate can run in either of the two major parties in the U.S, or in any of the minor parties. Within the Democratic Party, there is the Democratic Freedom Caucus, which advocates LVT and has endorsed Democratic candidates whose platform includes LVT. If some people want to form a similar caucus within the Republican Party, that's another way to run LVT candidates.

There can also be an LVT caucus in either of the minor parties - there is a Geo-Libertarian Caucus promoting LVT within the Libertarian Party, and some people could form a similar caucus in the Green Party or other minor parties.

If you're interested in helping to find and support pro-LVT candidates in either of the political parties in the U.S., and helping to promote LVT legislation through the electoral process, you can contact either of the caucuses below, or if you want to help form a similar caucus within the Republican Party, Green Party, or other party, you can let people know in this Facebook group.


The Democratic Freedom Caucus also recommends that students get involved in a Democratic student chapter on your campus. We suggest that Democratic students who are dedicated to freedom consider connecting with Students For Liberty (SFL). SFL is non-partisan, although many of the students in it have economic views that seem closer to those of other political organizations than the Democratic Freedom Caucus, especially when it comes to fundamental issues regarding access to land and natural resources – but in spite of the differences, networking with freedom-oriented students from other perspectives is an opportunity for a valuable exchange of ideas.


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Mike O'Mara
Policy Maker

Mike O'Mara is a co-founder of the Democratic Freedom Caucus. The DFC is a pro-LVT caucus within the Democratic Party that advocates freedom-oriented policies, which go beyond left and right. Aside from individual liberty, constitutional democracy, and social repsonibility, the DFC promotes the public interest rather than favoritism to special interests, addressing the root causes of economic problems, building-in incentives for improving the quality and efficiency of public services, upholding civil liberties, and equal freedom for everyone, which are essential for human progress. They also endorse political candidates, lobby officials, and help educate voters on geo-issues while promoting land value taxation policy. With state contacts in most states, his goal is to form similar caucuses in the Green Party and also the Republican Party. Contact him at their website, Facebook page, or Facebook group for more information and to get involved. The DFC is also reachable through Twitter.