Nobelist Stiglitz Calls for George’s Tax

Nobelist Stiglitz Calls for George’s Tax

Irish Austerity Plan Includes Land Tax

Is geoism catching on? We trim, blend, and append six 2010 articles from: (1) BBC, Nov 24, on Irish austerity; (2) Left Foot Forward, Nov 24, on Irish taxes by Will Straw; (3) Smart Taxes, Nov 25, on the site value tax by Coordinator Dara McHugh; (4) P2P, Nov 22, on shifting the property tax by Michel Bauwens; (5) Our Fiscal Security, a joint project of Demos, The Century Foundation, and the Economic Policy Institute, Nov 30, on the George tax by Joe Stiglitz (via reader Dr. Polly Cleveland of Columbia U); and (6) Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs, Sept 16, on Common Ownership of the Earth by John Tessitore, editor, and Mathias Risse, Harvard University, interviewee.

by BBC, by Straw, by McHugh, by Bauwens, by Stiglitz, and by Tessitore & Risse

    Irish unveil tough austerity plan

The Irish government has unveiled a range of tough austerity measures designed to help solve the country’s debt crisis.

Among the spending cuts and tax rises are a reduction in the minimum wage, a new property tax, and thousands of public sector job cuts.

Key points of the recovery plan include:
* 24,750 public sector jobs cuts
* 2.8bn euros of savings in social welfare spending
* 1.9bn euros to be raised from income tax changes
* 1 euro cut in the minimum wage to 7.65 euros an