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Real Estate 4 Ransom

This Australian documentary, that has won praise from professionals in the field, highlights how real estate distorts the rest of the economy.

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All of us have a right to water, yes, but do we have a right to water delivery?

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A must read. Perhaps the best book on economic history we've read. Check it out.
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Geonomics is …
an answer for Jonathan of the Green Party (Nov 7): “What does ‘share our surplus’ mean?” Our surplus is the values that society generates synergistically. It’s the money we spend on the nature we use: on land sites, natural resources, EM spectrum, ecosystem services (assimilating pollutants). It’s also the money we pay to holders of government-granted privileges like corporate charters. We could share it by paying for the nature we use and privileges we hold to the public treasury then getting back a fair share of the recovered revenue. Used to be, owners did owe rent (“own” and “owe” used to be one word). And presently, some lucky residents do get back periodic dividends: Alaska’s oil dividend and Aspen Colorado’s housing assistance. Doing that, instead of subsidizing bads while taxing goods, is the essence of geonomics. Jonathan“Is local currency what you mean?” Editor: It’s not. Community currency is a good reform, but every good reform pushes up site values. That makes land an even more tempting object of speculation. Now, any good will eventually do bad by widening the income gap – until you share land values.