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Dear Ernest,
Just a few quick comments on your latest LFPs which I always enjoy reading. #131 dealt with leadership. I have to admit that I don t understand this. I consider leadership a completely natural phenomenon. For example, I know almost nothing about cars so if I want my car fixed I take it to someone who knows something about it and follow the mechanic’s advice. In that sense, the mechanic becomes my leader in that field. Similarly for other areas of life. If we did away with leaders I would have to know everything about life by myself; an impossible task even for non-industrial tribal peoples, let alone today.

    [Editor s response: I agree completely with you about leadership, except I was speaking about leadership in government. With total Freedom, one would have a choice on which leader to heed and then would not have-to obey. Today the politicians are supposed to be our leaders. They write and pass laws that we are supposed-to honor and obey, even if we don t believe in them. IT S THE LAW! Do you believe in following blindly every law these crooks make?

    Are you so devoted to your auto mechanic that you would die to protect him/her? I do not say we should do away with leaders. I just say that we should be Free to be our own leader or be Free to choose a leader in something we need help with. I think I was trying to say something about “devotion,” that we should be more devoted to our self, than to a leader. That is part of the PES-PIS concept.]

You also seem to imply that the PES would do away with government, but government existed long before money appeared. I don t see any necessary connection between government and money.

    [Government is the King's soldiers riding around on their four wheels enforcing the King's wishes and collecting his taxes. Can you see that the super-rich people (the Kings-in-fact), control government? Can you see that money is another tool they use to control people? It has been said, “Whoever controls money—controls government! Whoever control government—controls the country, i.e., the people!” Do you believe this?]

I have noticed that you have LFP on the internet. Doesn’t a high-tech society require a monetary system? I wonder if high tech and PES are compatible?

    [In some of my back issues I have tried to explain how people's mental and physical labor produces everything. Money produces nothing! People can own the earth's natural resources only if we agree to that concept of ownership. Otherwise, how can anyone claim they own earth—they didn t create it? So, if people all work as volunteers, then there will be no monetary cost of goods and services, so then all goods and services (including high-tech) will be Free of charge.]

In #132 you talk about controlling thoughts. Do you think that possible? It seems to me possible to have freedom from thoughts by not clinging to them or trying to own them, but I doubt that one can completely control the content of thoughts any more than one can control the clouds in the sky.

    [I agree with you that it is probably beyond our reach to be able to completely control our thoughts. The constant input from our five senses and our vast memories makes concentration difficult. We each master it as much as we are able. We achieve what success we can, in our focusing. Everything that has entered our minds through our various senses has formed our basic premises that we reason from. This background becomes our basis for comparison. Our judgment is based on what we have taken in. The school s indoctrination, the government's (the King's hustlers) laws, the mass media, customs, etc. have formed our basis for evaluation. As we begin to question and disbelieve some of our basic premises, we begin to see more truth. It certainly is not all truth that we have learned from history books and the mass media, is it?]

In #134 you talk about others controlling you. But, I think you really mean influence. Of course other people influence us, why shouldn t they? You try to influence people with your LFP and others try to influence us from their point of view. I don t have a t.v. and rarely read the mass media, but that doesn t mean that others don t influence me. I just like to pick and choose my influences. No one exists alone and isolated completely.
T.W.   CA

    [I was talking about control by a parent, mate, friend, employer, church, drugs, booze, cigarettes, etc. I agree there is influence, too. The trouble is that we are not aware of most of the subtle influences that have kept us in wage-slavery. If we become aware of the subtle influences, then we can pick and choose and it is no longer mind-control. The more we question authority, the more truth we discover! I have sometimes noticed how highly suggestible I am. I never even noticed it before, when I was busily engaged in trying to keep my bills paid. I begin to ask myself which of my beliefs are truth and which are untrue suggestions that have been cleverly implanted into my belief system. If you don t think that people can be controlled—just take a look at all the couch potatoes there are today!

    That is exactly what I was trying to say, we should take the Freedom to pick and choose which ideas we wish to use. Why should we re-invent the wheel, right?]

Latest News?

It is such a wonderful feeling to not be worried, harried, stressed and full of tension and anxiety about what’s going on in the news. I have no idea of who’s running for what office. I don’t know what the stock market is doing, nor the GNP. I have no idea where the U.S. government is sending troops. I don’t know what movies are playing. I don’t know how many people were killed in earthquakes, revolutions or auto accidents. I don’t know which foods are now on the “no-no” list. I don’t know what “they” think the weather will be like tomorrow. That much I can see for myself by just stepping outdoors and looking at the sky.

This attitude is counter to what I was taught. “Read widely and have a broad general knowledge of current events. Be (able to spread the current fear-mongering and be) recognized as an informed person.”

No thank you! I have already done that. I was part of the flock. A good obedient wage-slave. I think that now at age 69, I’m starting to wise-up and leave the folly of the flock behind me.

I live in my own little world that I exert some control over. I try to find more ways to become Independent of people, government and money. My present high-priority plan is to buy 40 acres of wooded land and develop a home base and be able to raise my own food and have free fuel for heating. Perhaps build a windmill and a small wood-burning steam engine to make electricity. Then come-what-may from the manipulators—I’ll have a much less worrisome and more secure means of survival and Freedom.

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I brought home a four month old Time Magazine from the library. I thumbed through it and looked at all the pictures and ads. There was nothing that interested me enough to read, but after finishing my skimming I did feel more inspired to work a little harder to try to relieve the suffering that some people are trapped into. To see the suffering-pictures and to recognize the wasteful and wrong-things that the Profit/Wage System is causing, can make a thinking-person encouraged to promote a better system.

The solution to the world-wide people’s major problems seems so very simple. It gets very frustrating sometimes when one is unable to get people to understand how wonderful the world will be for everyone if we could use the Priceless Economic System.

Converting to the PES will be such a simple procedure that it too is almost unbelievable.

As I have said many times before, we must first show people that there is a viable alternative to the Profit/Wage System.

Our problem is not, “How do we convince 5.5 billion people?” but how do I convince just one person to step out of their lethargic state of acceptance of the status quo? How do I show them the truth of the PES-PIS so clearly that they also begin promoting it and living it to the best of their ability?

If I knew the answer to this, I would have already succeeded in changing the whole world over into a near-Utopian system.

We few believers in the PES-PIS, who are actually trying to live this Free system (as is Patch Adams) are experiencing much better, happier and less stressful lives than we did before. So we are succeeding in learning how to make our lives better for ourselves.

We no longer believe in the myth that Government-will-take-care-of-us. We are no longer allowing Entertainment to suck up our valuable time. No, we use that time to make ourselves more Independent and Self-sufficient.

Recreation, vacations and the entire Entertainment industry were created to keep us from going crazy. To really realize we are Wage-Slaves would make one feel crazy. The Profit/Wage System could not allow that. It provides entertainment, recreation, holidays, vacations and mass media diversions to keep us from that realization.

It must have wage-slaves to exploit or it could not make a Profit. That is, if they exchanged products and services on an equal basis and paid employees their fair-share of their productivity, there would be no Profit! To exchange fairly, i.e., dollar for dollar, there is no profit.

How can anyone say that an hour of their time (life) is worth more to them, than an hour of my time is worth to me?

If we were to settle this by paying everyone the same hourly wage, then why bother with wages at all? The PES eliminates a tremendous amount of unnecessary jobs. Volunteering our work is much more fun than being forced to work. Giving is more fun than selling. Getting Free things is more fun than spending money.

The more people who understand the PES-PIS and actively promote it—the faster it begins to pyramid out to reach everyone. Let s Do It!


Roger Byam, the story teller in the book, MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY, thinks to himself, “Adopting . . . tropical philosophy