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* Sr Editor Fred Foldvary shows us why taxes are not a necessary evil, just maybe sometimes necessary.
To Tax Is To Make Evil What Is Taxed

* Nice guy and Sr Editor Fred Foldvary shows how nice guys make things worse and how bad guys masquerade as good.
Pathological Altruism

* Reformers in the Arab world or in any world would stand to benefit hugely by heeding the advice of Sr Editor Fred Foldvary.
Authentic Democracy in Egypt

* Dr Fred Foldvary, TPR Sr Editor, shows how the usual explanations don't dig deep enough to get at the root cause and cure.
The Detroit Bankruptcy

* Three Southern US universities exhibit art that the CIA hid from Congress and sent abroad during the Cold cultural War.
The Abstract Art Collection the CIA Built

* The granddaddy of business magazines says, in print, that Governments should make more use of land taxes.
The UK's Economist: Levying the Land

* The Turkish protestors were fed up not only with a park being turned into a mall but also with the crazy rent-seeking projects.
The Turkish Airport's Excess Land Goes to Whom?

* The Supreme Court handed down a decision that will work a revolution in land-use law and profoundly impact society.
A Legal Blow to Sustainable Development

* Those who owe are those who won the land in private auctions, and so are likely to be favored insiders and to be forgiven.
Gov't Yet to Recover Owed Rent from 10 Liquor Vends

Chinese protest policy of growth at all costs which has delivered the goods to millions but also contaminated them.
China Threatens Death Penalty for Serious Polluters

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