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The Same ... or Different?
You Be the Judge

(machines, factories, goods, buildings, vehicles)
Natural Resources
(land, water, air, airwaves, nature)
All capital is produced. It comes from human initiative.Natural resources are not produced. No person made them.
Without capital, life would still go on. Indeed, civilization got started without any capital.Without natural resources we would all be dead. Natural resources are necessary to life.
We can always produce more capital. Capital can be destroyed or worn out but we can replace it by new production. Natural resources are finite. Limited in supply! You can change them, discover them, rearrange them, but no person can create them.
Capital helps us to make wealth. Tools and factories, etc., are very useful but not essential: the first people created wealth directly from their own labor without the aid of capital.Natural resources are an absolutely necessary ingredient of production.
Capital depreciates in value unless it is diligently maintained (by adding more capital). Natural resources tend to appreciate in value as time goes on.

Now make up your own mind. Do you think that capital and natural resources are the same ... or different?

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