How many tomorrows are left for us`

I am old enough that I may not live to see the destruction of our planet, but this is far from a certainty.

We seemed for a time to be coming to a consensus that it was critical to our survival to stop poisoning our air, our water and our land. This seems no longer the case now that corporations have gained control over public policy and our laws.

So, now the fossil fuel industry is in the process of turning much of North America into a giant network of brown fields, at the same time poisoning our rivers, streams and ground water with a cocktail of toxic chemicals that make our water unusable.

How do they live with themselves. They are pulling the trigger on our and their own ultimate death machine. I wonder whether the earth will be able to eventually heal itself once our species has finally become extinct. But, heck, to the rest of the universe a few million years is nothing.

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How many tomorrows are left for us`
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