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I'm a 49 year old male individual, German citizen, living in Cape Town, South Africa.
I happened to have some ideas about establishing an ecological rights awareness which I would like to share.
I was thinking of creating a blog and forum for such things, then I found your website and thought we might be on similar trails of thoughts and could work together, or perhaps I could contribute some intellectual input to your projects.
The following is a very basic outline of my idea, not to be scrutinized for absolute precision and flawlessness, it would need some more finetuning before presenting it to law officials, it's just the basic idea.

My basic idea is that all internationally accepted rights systems' ideas of what constitutes legitimate private property are flawed when it comes to natural resources. Basically, there can't be a private property of any sort of environmental or natural or communal resources of any kind.

The reasoning:

How can any property be acquired by anyone? There are only two ways:
1. one can create it through one's own creative activity, e.g. by building a complex structure out of primitive substances, e.g. a house or a machine or a piece of art, or a computer program, etc.
2. one can acquire it from the previous legitimate owner, e.g. as a gift, or through an act of purchase.

Other ways are not possible, e.g.:
1. through illegitimate disowning the previous owner, e.g. by theft or robbery or fraud or other similar means which involve an act of violence and/or deception: A property disowned in such a way does not become a legitimate property, nor does it become so when traded further or when handed down through generations by inheritance. It will always remain the legitimate property of the previous legitimate owner.
2. through finding something and taking possession of it, e.g. finding an uninhabited island: In this case, it is a natural ressource which does not belong to a pre-owner, hence it is part of the planet Earth's natural ressources which can be used by anyone (i.e. no one in particular) but not at the expense of others. It can not be claimed as property because it was not and cannot be acquired as property by one of the only two legitimate means to do so, outlined above.

This last point about the natural ressources and needs some more detailed elaboration still, I only wanted to quickly outline the basic idea here. I can elaborate on this last point further in detail if someone would be interested. This is where ecological rights and ethics come into view. Ecology in this context means that there are no isolated systems and that everything what everyone does here on this planet, affects everyone else, in the present as well as in the future.

The point of discussing the idea of property in internationally accepted rights systems is to create a global consciousness and awareness that natural resources cannot be anyone's legitimate private property. Hence all activities on this planet where corporations exploit natural resources are illegitimate.

I mentioned that I currently live in South Africa. We have here the situation that this country is immensely rich in natural resources, it is the worldwide largest producer of Gold, Platinum, Diamants, amongst other riches like rare earths etc., while 95% of its population is very poor. The reason for the proverty is the distribution of the property of natural resources, obviously. If the natural resources would be in communal property, then the profit made of them could be used to fight the poverty in the country, provided that the politicians who are in charge would act in a responsibly manner rather than caring more about ther personal profit than about the welfare of the country's population. In spite of high expecations, this situation has not improved in the last 25 years since the end of Apartheid, it even has worsened more. And this example of South Africa is only one single example out of many, exemplary for many countries in the world. The situation for 90% of the human population of this planet is very bad, for the animals it's even much worse, and it's getting worse every day.
I certainly don't need to elaborate on this further here, I'm sure you know well enough what I mean to say.

So here I am, offering to you to write such things in detail and nicely elaborated, I have great visions while being a realist, I know about project management, and know about complexity, and have inner vision, can see the big picture and all the details, I know a lot about law and many other disciplines, sciences, etc..
I feel that I shall do something with it, not keep it to myself, and now I'm actively seeking ways to make an impact.

Wish you very well.
Would be grateful for a short reply when you have read it, thank you very much in advance

Warm regards,

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