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: verywhere I look I see "need". I see an undergrou8nd rail
: network with stations that are falling apart and with train cars
:...: All around me a I see need. Yet many people do not work and many
: are doing jobs, in the pubic and private sector, that are akin
: to digging holes and filling them back in again - and they work
: very hard at doing this.

: To add to the Ed's solution, reclaiming all "economic
... : continuing Dystopia we now live in.

John, you're right, but the prof's point was, I think, is that if all of us did not merely push paper but did the work that needs doing -- and we can only guess how much that is from our perspective in an unfair economy -- then those without jobs could find work and those who're overworked could work less. Scholars calculate the workweek could be no more than half.

Also, once truly needed gets done and improves infrastructure and provides goods & services, then in that region site values will rise. If you share them, you could create a self-regulating feedback loop to balance work and leisure. Then we could lock the hood on the economy.

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