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verywhere I look I see "need". I see an undergrou8nd rail network with stations that are falling apart and with train cars that should have been replaced a decade ago. I see safety features that should have been fitted decades ago. I see poor and slow rail connections between most cities - and they have existing rail lines between them. I see the need for street running trams to interconnect with rail stations and shopping malls, sports stadia, etc, etc.

I see a shortage of about 2 millions homes and those built are way under-insulated costing a fortune to heat and cool, and none built to passive solar designs to eliminate full heating and cooling systems saving energy and reducing pollution. I see a need to design towns & cities on a human scale to eliminate polluting cars as much as possible to socially bind people together as we once did.

All around me a I see need. Yet many people do not work and many are doing jobs, in the pubic and private sector, that are akin to digging holes and filling them back in again - and they work very hard at doing this.

To add to the Ed's solution, reclaiming all "economic rent", from all forms of land and capital may eliminate income, sales and other bad harmful taxes. This puts more money in people's pockets and heavily reduces harmful speculators in a society. People will put their greater wealth to more productive purposes and purposes that enhances human society such as the art. We may not reach Utopia, however we can get quite a way up that road. WE have no alterative but to use commonly created wealth to pay for common services, as the alternative is the continuing Dystopia we now live in.

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