The Council of Georgist Organizations

November, 2008

Dear Members, Affiliates, and Friends of the Council of Georgist Organizations:

Season's Greetings!

2008 has been an eventful year for the Council of Georgist Organizations!

2008 saw the Council of Georgist Organizations Conference in Kansas City, Missouri, the starting point for America's western migration. Conference dates were Wednesday, July 9th to Sunday, July 13th. Topics included: The Politics of Assessment; the Role of Assessment in School Finance, Assessment Revaluation & Reform, Affordable Housing, Beyond Left and Right in Land Tax, Sustainability. Plus joint discussion and opinions on "What would Henry George do if he were alive today" and "Enthusing and Informing More People" by Donald Walton (one of Norman Rockwell's first biographers and retired communications specialist). In addition, we toured the National Trails frontier museum and the Steamboat Arabia and had lunch in KC's River Market area and viewed the Schalkenbach documentary film, "The End of Poverty"?

The Council has decided to go green and will be sending its notices and brochures by E-mail whenever possible. Please make sure we have your correct E-mail or fax number. (Hard copy reminders have been sent to all those whose memberships expires on 12/31/08)

This year, the Council resumed the editorship of the Georgist Registry. All members and affiliates will be eligible to update their entries on our website.

We have a new web address and a new webmaster, Lindy Davies who has taken over for Hanno Beck.

2009 will see the Council celebrating the life and times of the Amazing Tom Johnson. The conference dates are August 5-9th, 2009. We have secured meeting space at a hotel in downtown Cleveland, close to the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame and Public Square. We hope to have August 6th proclaimed "Tom Johnson Day" in Cleveland. To commemorate our planning team is working on securing space for a public rally at the Tom Johnson's statute in the Public Square. The conference will provide a background on Johnson and why his ideas are still relevant today. Other proposed topics include: "The Second Great Depression," "Restoring Cleveland's Economy." Our hotel is convenient to public transit; our hotel is also close to Cleveland's Amtrak station. There will be free airport shuttle and parking. Our hotel rate is $92 per night plus tax.

Conference Brochures will be distributed in April, 2009. To receive more information, please contact Sue or Scott Walton, conference administrators at 847/475-0391 or at

The Council was honored with a surprise bequest from the estate of Everett and Mildred Gross. The Council Executive Committee has decided to use the bequest to purchase our own audio visual equipment including our own power point projector, digital camera, digital audio equipment where we can record our sessions directly to a hard drive and then we can copy directly to audio and video disks. Member organizations may borrow this equipment for Georgist events.

The financial aid the Council receives from the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation has decreased. The Foundation is willing to guarantee only a small amount of financial aid to the CGO and its annual conferences. So please consider giving a donation in addition to renewing or joining the Council as either an Organizational Voting Member or individual Non-voting Affiliate. Donations of all sizes will be accepted and appreciated!

The Council must be frugal with its funds in order to be able to function in the manner to which its members, affiliates & conference participants are accustomed.

The CGO is not a tax-exempt organization, we cannot apply for most grants and we have almost no corporations that we can apply to for corporate sponsorships of our events.

Attached is the annual dues and donation form. If you represent an organizational member, please complete the form and send it with your annual dues. If you are an affiliate member please complete the form and send it with your annual dues. If you are neither an organizational member nor an affiliate member please join CGO as an affiliate member. Many of us are both organizational members and affiliate members of CGO.

Future conferences will not have the amount of support as came this year. If you are able please make a contribution in addition to your annual membership fee. This will enable the CGO to continue to sponsor high-level conferences at reasonable fees.

Best wishes for the Holidays and have a Happy New Year

Ted Gwartney, President Ed Dodson, Vice President
Pia DeSilva, Secretary Toni Gwartney, Treasurer
Lindy Davies & Dan Sullivan, Advisors
Sue and Scott Walton, Administrators

(All memberships & affiliate-ships expire on December 31st)

 Dues: $50 USD for Organizational Members
 $50 USD -- Three-year discount for Organizational Members

Benefits include: A vote (one per organization) for Council officers at the annual business meeting; eligibility to submit a Report for publication in the Georgist Registry; notification of all CGO meetings & conferences, 1 free copy of the Georgist Directory, annual subscription to the Georgist Journal.

 Dues: $25 USD for Individual Affiliate Members
 $85 USD -- Three-year discount for Affiliate Members

Nonvoting participation at the annual business meeting; notification of all CGO meetings & conferences, 1 free copy of the Georgist Directory, annual subscription to the Georgist Journal.

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