Patents & Copyrights: Banneker Center Survey #210

Economic Justice Survey

May Survey
Patents & Copyrights

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

If I invent something, no one else should have the right to invent it.

that's right
that's wrong

If I buy something, I have a complete right to take it apart and study how it was put together, and to profit from what I learn.

that's right
that's wrong

If Smith holds a patent, what should happen when Smith dies?

the patent should also die
the patent should go to Smith's heirs
the patent should go to the government
the patent should be auctioned off

How long should a patent last?

less than five years
5-10 years
10-20 years
more than 20 years

If patents were no longer given out, would it stifle new inventions?

people would not try to invent if they didn't expect a patent
you can't stop inventiveness, lots of patent-free inventions are made all the time
patents hold back invention more than they help

Some patents and copyrights are worth a lot of money. Should the government charge a fee for protecting them?


Are some patents just like corporate welfare?

yes, they are private benefits conferred by government

To develop our civilization to its full potential, we need

more patents
fewer patents

Thank you for participating!
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