Voting and Vote Fraud: Banneker Center Survey #208

Economic Justice Survey

March Survey
Voting and Vote Fraud

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

In a democracy, how much effort should be made to count every person's vote?

this should be a top priority
it's important, but not the top priority
it's one goal of many
it's not very important

Should your government be required to be able to prove to you that your vote was counted?


Do you think that your government currently could prove to you that your vote was counted?


Alice votes once each year. Alice also writes a letter to one of her representatives once each year. Which has more political impact?

the vote is much more important
the vote is slightly more important
they are of about equal importance
the letter is slightly more important
the letter is much more important

Suppose the number of political parties in your nation increases. Does your vote's importance change?

my vote becomes more important
no difference
my vote becomes less important

What is a wasted vote?

it's a vote for a candidate who gets less than 10% of the total votes
it's a vote for a candidate who gets less than 3% of the total votes
it's any vote for a candidate who loses
it's any vote for a low quality candidate
there is no such thing as a wasted vote

Many people who are eligible to vote do not vote. What effect does refusing to vote have?

no politicians mind that
it worries politicians
other or unsure

What is the one thing you would most recommend to improve the quality and quantity of voting in a democracy?

instant runoff voting
impartial observers at every polling place
proportional representation
all electronic vote counting; no paper ballots
all paper ballots; no electronic vote counting
laws requiring citizens to vote
outlawing political candidate polls
giving free broadcast time to all candidates
banning negative campaign ads
other or unsure

Thank you for participating!
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