Poverty: Banneker Center Survey #204

Economic Justice Survey

November Survey

Please send in your opinions. This brief survey will only take a few minutes. Thank you!

In your opinion, have you ever lived in poverty?


In your opinion, is the elimination of poverty a legitimate goal for a government?


If there were no governments, poverty would be:

more widespread
less widespread
about the same as today

Which of the following is more important?

Relieving the suffering of people in poverty
Fighting the root causes of poverty

Suppose (just for a moment!) that you run a government. You have $1 million to spend -- which of the following would you do if you had only these three choices?

return the money to the taxpayers
spend the money on poverty relief for suffering citizens
spend the money on fighting the root causes of poverty

What are some of the most important causes of poverty? Rank the following in order of importance (1=most important, 7=least important)

insufficient education
bad luck
corporate policies
government policies

Ten years from now, there will be...

less poverty in the world
more poverty in the world

The "working poor" have jobs and cars but still suffer from poverty.

they may suffer, but not from poverty
people like that are rare, few if any exist
if you have a job and car, then you cannot be in poverty
they have the same basic problems as people without jobs or cars

Poverty will never be solved until after...

the entire population is better educated
we all share the same religion
there is no more illegal drug market
jobs are plentiful
greedy corporations are dismantled

Thank you for participating!
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