Vote Fraud: Banneker Center Survey #70
Economic Justice

Results of September Survey
Vote Fraud

Thanks to all the people who sent in their opinions. Here is what you said:

In a democracy, how much effort should be made to count every person's vote?

60% said this should be a top priority
30% said it's important, but not the top priority
10% said it's one goal of many
0% said it's not very important

Which policy makes vote fraud more likely?

70% said restricting the right to vote
30% said expanding the right to vote

In a democracy, who should be barred from voting?

0% said people with black skin

0% said poor people

0% said female people

30% said young people

0% said disabled people

0% said elderly people

10% said people who were previously incarcerated, then released

0% said homosexual people

0% said people who oppose democracy

0% said stupid people

Should a government be required to be able to prove to you that your vote was counted?

70% said Yes
30% said No

Do you think that a government currently could prove to you that your vote was counted?

20% said Yes
80% said No

Thanks again to all participants!

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