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Ecological Tax Reform -- Environmental Tax Shifting

The Green Tax Shift

Shifting taxes away from human initiative
and onto monopolization of natural resources,
pollution and government-granted privileges instead

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  • Swedish Government Committed to Continuing Green Tax Shift

  • Green Party Leader of Ontario Urges Tax Shift

  • Breakthrough in Scotland

  • Green Tax Shift Recommended for Ontario

  • Update on Green Tax Policy in Europe

  • Green Tax Policy Approach to Local-to-Global Public Finance

  • European Greens Call for Ecological Tax Reform

  • Successful Irish Green Tax Leads to UK Green Tax
  • Bishop of Liverpool Calls for Green Tax Shift

  • Tax Shift Triumphant in Canada!

  • Green Taxes in Ireland

  • Democracy, EarthRights and Ecotaxation presentation by Alanna Hartzok at the Senegal Seminar

  • Introductory Environmental Tax Shift article

  • UPDATED Environmental Taxation Law Center and Program in Vermont
  • The Environmental League features Tax Shifting as a Key Environmental Issue
  • Take this quiz and Test Your Knowledge on Taxes, Subsidies and Natural Resources

  • Learn About the Amazing Sky Trust!

  • How to Optimize the Environmental Tax Shift

  • Newsletter Focuses on Taxation Policies for Sustainability

  • Canadian Editorial in favor of environmental tax shifting

  • Tax Shift Successes

  • Interesting site in both Japanese and English, proposing an Environmental Consumption Tax.

  • Green Tax Shift for Canada well expressed

  • Thought-provoking article on "Shadow Prices" as a way to account for pollution and other externalities.

  • This site has been named Website of the Month by Subsidy Watch! Thanks for the recognition and to all who help us.

    Policy Statements
    star Environmental Tax Shifting in Canada: Theory and Application by the Pembina Institute

    A humorous speech that explains Green economics

  • Parallels Between Ecological Tax Reform and Land Value Taxation -- strategies, allies, arguments and the lessons that we can draw

  • Research organization in Germany offers an English summary of their paper on Criteria for Ecologically Efficient Tax Reform

  • Green Taxes Project has the latest news from the exciting Minnesota campaign for a serious tax shift.

  • Green Economics

  • Doug Macdonald's serious paper on green taxation and environmental policy

  • Our friends at Green Audit have this solid introduction to Green economic ideas.

  • Green Budget Reform -- some Canadian resources on ecological tax reform, the environment and fiscal responsibility.

  • Short, clear overview of Ecological Tax Reform

  • Explore the gaia brain paradigm

    Look at this awesome bibliography of materials on the topic of "tradeable permits."

  • News item on the economic value of natural resources

  • EcoCart Environmental Databases -- compilations available for researchers.

  • All About Gaianomics

  • Organizations
  • Check out, the "one-stop shop for information on fiscal policies for environmental objectives in Canada and internationally." (a project of the Pembina Institute)

  • One of our very favorite defenders of taxpayers in the fight against corporate welfare is also concerned with tax shifting. Visit the magnificent WWW site of Taxpayers for Common Sense .

  • The Geonomy Society has for many years led the "green" economic think tanks and is now on the WWW.

  • Who shows great leadership on the Ecological Tax Reform issue? Friends of the Earth , that's who.

  • Redefining Progress

  • Earth Rights Institute

  • The clear-thinking Institute for Public Policy Research in London; look at their section on Environment

  • Northwest Environment Watch

  • Brown Launches New Organization

  • The Worldwatch Institute

  • Coalition Seeks a Green Tax Shift for Washington, D.C.

  • Resources for the Future

  • Build Your Own Tax Policy
    Award-winning educational interactive web site.
    star   Eco taxes instead of taxes on labour
    by Dr. Arnold Cassola of the Green Party
  • An Integrated Green Tax Shift Perspective

  • Here's a brass-tacks essay you need to see; Subsidy-Switching: We Can Do It Now by Richard Risemberg

  • Who really owns the earth? Sky? Water? Airwaves? Genes? Here are some answers

  • Australia to Launch a Market in Carbon Pollution Permits?

  • Abstract of a paper on Green Tax Reforms

  • Green Party of Missouri says a lot of good things (and a few confused things) about green taxation policy

  • Brief, cheerful description of Ecological Economics

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