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economic justice links

Here's an important site from Nicaragua -- the Henry George International Education Center

A Danish site -- Den Danske Henry George Forening

Ready for action? Get involved with Common Ground-U.S.A.

Visit the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation

Get to know the School of Cooperative Individualism

Earth Sharing -- reconciling economics to people and the planet

The Henry George Institute offers a fascinating free course!

All the best WWW sites having to do with economics -- reviewed by Econolink

Who Owns the Earth? Visit the Earth Rights page

What is the Progress Report?

Another organization with fresh ideas for economic justice: The Henry George Foundation of America

Try this specialized site -- the Corporate Welfare Search Engine.

Looking for Internet services of any kind? Here's the company that will help you!

The Nonviolence Web

If you oppose killing, look at the FCADP page

Check out the Texas Observer's DownHome Page!

For information on serious attempts to prevent and cure cancer, rather than just make lots of money for medical bureaucrats, try People Against Cancer


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