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Life Bank

I was telling my 17 year old grandson he is luckier than I in some ways. Like, he has 52 more years deposited in his savings account in the Bank of Life. I have already spent 69 years from my account, while he has spent only 17 years from his.

He has a lot more time ahead of him to use than I do, if he plays his cards right. He has a grand opportunity to accomplish all kinds of marvelous things.

If only we could fully realize the fact, that

we spend one day from that savings account, everyday.

If we waste that day in procrastination or in any other pursuits or non-pursuits, we will not get another chance to use that day to help create the kind of now and the kind of Future, we would like to have. Some keep busy with really useless diversions, so that they can avoid planning their Future.

Wouldn't they do themselves more good by taking some tests that would tell them what they could succeed at? And then search at the library to discover which jobs or professions require their talents? They could use the want ads to see which of these jobs are hiring. They could try to discover which of these jobs will have the most potential and which were nearly obsolete. They could try to decide which job sounded like the most fun. Then they could begin to prepare for it and then go for it, instead of withering away at diversions.

Making decisions based on ones own research, gives feelings of control over ones own destiny. It is a wonderful feeling of Freedom.

I don't know if it is possible for my teenage grandson to understand this. He is so intent on getting his total Freedom from my advice that I fear he can't hear me. Well, perhaps some of my readers will understand and be able to use some of these ideas.

I don t know if it is ever too early to explore ones talents and aptitudes to determine what skill one would like to learn in order to make the money necessary to survive in todays world of money-or-starve. Is it ever too early to dream of what you want to be? I doubt it.

Too Late?

It certainly is never too-late for such an exploration, until you are six feet under. Then it's a little late to say, “I'll start tomorrow.” or “I'll quit tomorrow.” I don't recall anyone who ever did.

I'm not complaining about being old. I'm very happy to be 69 years old. It is exactly the right age for me to be at this time. I don't think there is any way to change that.

My mom was born on August 24, 1900. My mother's timing was perfect, when my dad had that gleam in his eye. She conceived me at a time that has allowed me to be 69 in ‘96. What a coincidence! I didn't realize the fascinating number combination until 1996. It's a miracle. I suppose I'll have to admit—I was a miraculous conception. That must mean I'm a God. But there is a school of thought that says we are all Gods. Well then, that doesn't make me very special, does it?

I suppose there may be one or two other people who can celebrate their 69th this year too. We should form the 69/96 Club. I don t recall a 69 in ‘69 Club or a 96/69 or a 96/96 Club. So I am the first member in my 69/96 Club. Ha, ha. Wow! What luck to be born when I was. I wish I could take it to the bank.

My plan has been to attempt to live to 165 years of age. Maybe I should change that to 169. Or maybe to 669 or 969 or 696. Who knows what discoveries lie in wait for us, up the road a ways?

After I attain that age (which ever, of the above) then I'll reconsider, and terminate if I have finally become bored with it all. Or, if they have come up with a youth rejuvenator by then, I might decide to give it another go-around.

Live and Learn

I have learned a few things over the years that make life easier and happier for me. One of the things I've learned is that I get good feelings from sharing ideas without taking any pay for them. Therefore, there is no Profit (reason) for me to lie to you.

I've been a volunteer writer for 27 years. This Free writing doesn't have the stress, it would have, if I depended on it for a living. I suffered plenty of stress in my twenty years as a salesman. I worried plenty about making enough sales to feed, house and clothe my wife and three children. But somehow I succeeded well enough to retire at the age of 42 in 1969. See that! The year ‘69 was a lucky year for me too. Maybe ‘96 will be even better. ‘94 and ‘95 were sure lucky years for me, even without having a nine standing on its head.

Anyone can learn how to attract good luck. I found a used copy of HOW TO ATTRACT GOOD LUCK by A.H.Z. Carr. A heck of a good book.

I have lots of plans and I'm doing them one after another and I change those plans whenever a better idea comes along.

Future Molding

It seems difficult for some people to realize that everything that they allow into their minds will have some effect on who they become in their Future.

If they allow lots of angry, hateful and violent sounding Rap Tapes into their minds, some of it is bound to become part of their personality. They may grow into very angry unhappy people. They don t seem to realize this. Why do they listen? Do the Rap Tapes have some kind of hypnotic mind-conditioning in their beat or is there some kind of subliminal implant that hooks kids?

These hateful raging tapes and the violence in movies may be what the System is using to entice kids into crime and thus create the need to build more prisons and also to use these angry kids as mercenary soldiers. They are being “used” and don t know it.

We might think of our Future like it was a lump of molding clay that we can shape into whatever shape we want. We shape it a little here and a little there, by what we think, learn and do. That gives one Power over their Future!


Many people, old and young, seem to act like Fatalists. They say, “What will be -- will be.” As if they have no control over their Future. This attitude is very convenient for people who would rather procrastinate, than take the responsibility for making decisions. So they don t make any decisions and just drift through life and allow circumstances and the people around them to push them one way or another. (You may know people like that. I wonder if their parents never gave them any practice in making decisions?) That may be an easy way through life—never having to evaluate, do research for the evaluation nor decide on a course of action. One can just say, “That's just the way I am.” “I just follow orders.” “I can't help it.” “It's not my fault.” These people only get the left-overs, i.e., the crumbs from successful people's tables. The real rewards in life go to the people who aren't afraid to take some calculated risks, make a few wrong decisions, learn from them and proceed to make right decisions. These people feel in-control of their now and their Future.

Freedom or Group Freedom

Whenever the mass media, most of the underground media and demonstrators talk about Freedom, it's usually about National Freedom. They talk about Freedom from a dictator or an unfair constitution. They never tell you that they want Freedom from one set of Rulers, so they can give you a different set. Freedom to choose your own Rulers does not sound like Freedom to me.

Some radicals rant and rave to get the Original Constitution back. That constitution was drawn up to please the rich guys who financed the Revolution. It was a fine set of Rules to rule wage-slaves. If you desire Personal Freedom (that is the only kind there really is) you can t have it with a set of Rules that you must obey. Democracy and Personal Freedom are incompatible, incongruous, conflicting and contradictory.

Using the present wasteful and competitive Profit/Wage Economic System it would be difficult to get Personal Freedom. But in a cooperative Priceless Economic System, Personal Freedom would be the norm.

Personal Freedom is natures way. Everyone is Free to do whatever he/she desires to do. One very soon learns which actions and words bring a favorable response and which ones bring something we don t desire. It has been called the “Golden Rule.” With it we discover the Rules of Nature and we get along much better when we follow them. Slaves are taught meekness. That is not natures way.

We won't need lawyers, judges, courts and prisons with the PES. We may still have a few crazies left but in a society where it will be easy for people to obtain what they need, there will be little frustration and no reason to get crazy or to remain crazy. With a little help, the crazies can then become sane.

It will be a fun world. It will be what the Utopians have been visualizing for a long time. Peace on Earth and goodwill towards men, women and children.

Warbucks Statement

If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards.

To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves.

Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons.

Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in.

Alexander Warbucks, NY

Love Her

I loved my wife with all my heart and I believe she did me. I would do anything for her, and she for me. We were married for 25 years and reared our three children.

We got along splendidly. She stayed home and took care of our children, our home and me. I worked for money, in the Rat Race.

She often told me what a good husband I was and I often told her what a wonderful wife and homemaker she was. We both went over half way to please the other. We both went into that marriage with the until-death-do-us-part conviction. It felt like a perfect family even though we had a little misunderstanding once in a while, that we always worked out by ourselves, in a day or two. We had no major trouble with the children. We were all very healthy. We had no medical insurance and no guaranteed income of any kind.

We went on a lot of camping trips, which everyone enjoyed. We lived in the city of Minneapolis.

OK! If everything was so great, why did we divorce? Even though our sex life was wonderful, it did not seem as fantastic as the novels and movies were depicting sex. Even though I thought my wife was the most beautiful girl in town—all those made-up female models from Hollywood and later, on TV—got me to thinking that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. So eventually I asked for a divorce.

Then I chased around with any skirt I could find and discovered the grass was not greener on the other side of the fence. But my ex-wife got tired of waiting for me and remarried. So I lost my happiness and my true love.

I guess I try to warn people not to be a sucker, like I was. Make a harder try at succeeding in your marriage. Stop absorbing the mass media. Its main purpose is to make you dis-satisfied and unhappy. You must have had love at one time. Don t let the System steal that from you, as it did from me. Re-awaken it. Believe me! The grass is not greener on the other side of the fence. It is all a Profit making illusion created by psychopathic Profit-Grubbers.

The Profiteers who encourage divorces and unhappiness must be psychopaths or retards!

Single Parent Families

I thank my lucky star that I was not infected with the discontent virus until our youngest child was 16 years old. At that time she was infected by the Hippie virus and left home. Two of my kids are single parents. It seems to be much more difficult to rear children with only one parent, judging from all the problem children we have today. Problems equate with Profit. So there you have it! This is just one branch of the chain-reaction caused by dissatisfied and disillusioned mates and finally by divorces which generate endless Profits and unhappiness.

Sick Yet?

According to the 1993 World Almanac about two million people died in the U.S.A. from sickness in 1990. Two million people is a lot of people. How many more were sick that didn't die? How many people do you know of who are sick at this moment? Sickness is a common disease today. Aren't you sick of it?

It is getting so that we all know people who have or have had cancer and of some who died of it. Cancer has become a common disease. I recovered a couple of years ago from cancer of the colon.

Why all these new and deadly diseases? Could it have anything to do with all the food preservatives, food additives and irradiated food? Could our bodies also be losing their health from the pollutants in the air, water and soil? They can't be good for us?

Sickness generates more Profit than health. Just look at the gigantic Profits that hospitals, doctors and legal drug pushers are reaping.

People sit back and “Oh, hum” about changing the Profit/Wage System to the Free System. They may “Oh, hum” themselves to an early death due to some sickness or another caused by PROFIT!

We had darn-well better get the Priceless Economic System established before Profits Pollution breaks-down our health and we end up on our backs or six feet under.

“Time is of the essence.” Let's each do all that we can to promote the sane and sensible PES-PIS.

Big Joke?

Some people act like they think the PES-PIS is just a big joke that can never happen.

They think the increased pollution and sickness will be cured by the government or that they will somehow escape the Grim Reaper.

Well, the PES-PIS won't happen if YOU don't help promote it. It can't happen if people don't know about it. To make change, people must know they have an alternative. Let's tell as many people as we can about this PES-PIS alternative. Please make copies of this.

As we each start heading toward our own Personal Independence System—our life gets better right away. So we can't lose by trying. We lose by not trying.

Food Bill

I paid out $78.43 in February for just my own food. This sure beats my last three months average of $115.48 per month. This reduction was mainly due to my awareness that my food bill was too high. Now I have been saving all cash register receipts. I totalled but didn t analyze them. I'm sure a receipt analysis would be revealing too. I am certain I can cut this down even more without feeling deprived.

This months total doesn't include the $19.76 for a 25 pound bag of organic yellow field corn. I know I paid way too much for this corn. The farmer only got $1.75. These organic middlemen/women often rip-us-off badly. This corn supply should last me for a couple of years or more, if I don t get too corny.

Book Special

My book I WAS ROBOT is nearly out of print and is still $7.95 postpaid. FREE I GOT is $8.95 postpaid. BUT— If you buy 10, FREE I GOT, books they are only $2.50 each plus postage. A total price of $28.00 for 10 books, postpaid.

Sell them—Make a Profit!

Or profit from the good feelings you get from giving them to friends and other intelligent people.

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3-5-96 Ernest Mann



    1. War than in peace.

    2. Crime than honesty.

    3. Sickness than in health.

    4. Clothing than in nudity.

    5. Accidents than in safety.

    6. More babies than in less.

    7. Confusion than in clarity.

    8. School busing than in walking.

    9. Prisons than in rehabilitation.

    10. Divorce than in happy marriages.

    11. Government than in self-governing.

    12. Schools than home or self-schooling.

    13. Dependency than in self-sufficiency. (i.e. there is Profit in causing trouble.)

    Profit -- by reading the Little Free Press


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