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Here I sit, alone at 8:15 p.m. on New Year's Eve, in my mobile home reading and now taking a break and thinking that I could make myself feel very lonely if I lingered on that thought, but instead I choose to think about why we were given holidays, booze and drugs. I think they were created as rewards and diversions for slaves. I am nearly a Free-Man so I don't need and don't acknowledge holidays. This is just another day for me. I have spent most of this day and some others working on this issue #130 of LFP.

The LFP is really my journal. A journal is a great way to talk to ones self. It holds my attention, sometimes long enough for me to make some important decisions and discoveries about myself or the world. If you are not writing a journal, try it, you'll like it! With a journal you're likely to evolve a plan for your life. Without a plan, you won't get much out of life. You'll just be a floater, a drifter. If you make some kind of a plan and are flexible and make it better as you grow ... you will get whatever you want from life.

Happy Days!

I've been thinking about how life will be in the Priceless Economic System and in the Personal Independence System without any government and without any money, credit or barter and where we'll work without pay and everything will be Free. LFP back issues contain more description.

I can see that we will invent an easy-to-learn world-wide second language (better than Esperanto) for people who wish to travel, or talk to travelers. Then all races will be able to understand each other. No more need for "divide and make fearful." Then there will be no need for border guards or passports. People will travel whenever and wherever they choose. People can stop in a foreign country and work at their skill for a while or teach it or perhaps learn a new skill.

It will be a wonderful time of exchanging ideas and making new friends. Everyone will gain. People will learn that other nationalities are not, "dirty gooks, to KILL! KILL! KILL!" as people were taught in the US Army when the USA invaded Korea. We should have Nuremburg War trials on the Profiteers and politicians who started that war and the Vietnam War and the Gulf War and on the officers who perpetrated it and the kids who were ignorant enough to enlist or get drafted to do the dirty work. I was ignorant enough to volunteer for WWll.

We will discover, that regardless of peoples' nationality, people are people. They have family, loved ones and have joys and sorrows just like we do. People have no desire to war. They just want to do their own thing. We may realize how we have been tricked, for thousands of years, to go to war for the PROFIT of a few.

There will be no reason for rich guys to try to conquer other nations when everything is free and their money no longer has Power to hire thugs. There will be no Profit in war and no resale value for the resources that they might steal. There will be no status in having more free things. Too much will be a burden. It is only governments and rich Profiteers who start wars. In the PES & PIS there will be no armies to feed and fear.

Inventors from all over the world can then exchange ideas over Internet and not worry about losing Profit from their inventions. Instead they will get good ideas from fellow inventors. There will be no research budget limitations when everything, including labor, is free. Science will make great and rapid strides in medicine and in space craft and everywhere else.

People will no longer hate their work when they can choose a job that is fun. They will enjoy and look forward to going to work. Free on-the-job training will be available for everyone.

In the PES and PIS everyone will have free access to as little or as much education as they desire.

There will no longer be any Profit in withholding secret inventions when everything is free ... like the oil barons are doing.

Health care will make great advances when people no longer Profit from "quack" medicine, and when doctors no longer get rich by operating, and medical research is not limited by a lack of money.

In my opinion, the PES and PIS are the greatest opportunities ever presented to our species. Will people be smart enough to understand them and do they have enough guts to go for them?

A Deal?

The following letter came from a prisoner who reads the LFP. I think he is in prison for some kind of stealing. (I can hardly lose with that guess, as about 94% of the people in prisons and jails are in for stealing.) They offer him parole if he goes through a lot of bullshit and pays a lot of money. They offer him a ridiculous "deal" that he is not dumb enough to accept, so that they can keep him locked up longer. Therefore, they keep the prisons more crowded and can then build more. Yet, they fool the public into thinking that the prison system is becoming more benevolent.

The prison builders, the people who sell the furnishings and equipment and the companies who sell all the prison supplies and food, etc. make more PROFIT when they sell to the government than when they sell on the open market. The taxpayers (the poor things) provide all the money. Just one more reason to get rid of the Profit System.

Here is the letter:

Dear Ernie,

On Jan. 1st, I will have completed part #1 of my Federal prison sentence. I will have served 62 months. Partly because of my beliefs and the political animosity against myself, where I was convicted in _____, I have been served notice to appear in court or comply with electronic monitoring on my home at cost to me of $13 per day plus $200 hookup plus monthly phone bills. I've never had a phone. Plus daily reporting in to the police log at the local dept. before 11 O'clock plus mandatory employment in the Rat Race plus mandatory visits to a psychiatrist because anyone who doesn't adore and admire our great system of control (Big Brother) must be nuts. (Editor's note: Sounds just like BRAVE NEW WORLD and "1984" doesn't it? Maybe you should read them again.)

Obviously I'm not going for this garbage. Consequently I will be penalized, which will entail plenty of hole time again. I did 3 months in '94 plus diesel therapy to locals ______. (I can't make out this word.) I won't know yet where I'll be. Or for how long at each location.

So I'll have to suspend my subscription for now, Ernie. I'll send your address to my publications forwarder & hope that perhaps next year sometime I can hook up again.

Good luck and thanks.


After reading this letter I got very angry at the System which encourages rich-guys to control and Profit from the prison system. It is easy to see how the Profit System works in the area of prisons. Out here in so called "Freedom" people are agitated, aggravated, starved, stunted, harassed, hassled, belittled, diddled, overtaxed, underpaid and in a zillion other ways are made angry enough to commit so-called "crimes." Then the Profiteers make huge rip-offs -- building more prisons. Then they manipulate and push people into them and make gigantic Profits from all the supplies they sell to government to keep those people locked up. I've read figures of between 40 and $80,000 per person per year. I can keep myself on a whole lot less and I get a lot more for my money than the prisoners do. Just figure the Profit the suppliers are ripping-off! Why do the Profiteers always charge more when they sell to the government?

The rich-guys make almost as much Profit from prisons as they do from the wars they start. They make more Profit from war and crime than from Peace and no-crime, so which do you suppose they encourage? "Oh, no!" you say, "They wouldn't do that!" I never would have believed it either, when I was in the Rat Race. I thought they were nice people. They sure had me fooled. But, then I was too busy, trying to pay my bills to support my wife and three kids and buy a few more shinny things and a bigger house. I was too busy to do any research and study into the matter.

I have the time now!

They are a bunch of crooks who don't give a shit for us wage-slaves. Take a few months off and study the "System" yourself, if you don't believe me. Then you'll see!

When I retired (dropped-out) in 1969, I had a hundred thousand dollars. That meant I had some Independence and 24 hours of Free time each day. It took me less than a year to see that something was radically wrong with the System. Then it took me a couple of years more to figure out a solution. The facts are all there for anyone to discover ... if they take the time.


Instead of educating and teaching the inmates how to earn an honest living at something they would enjoy doing and instead of teaching them how to get along with other people, the prison system harasses the Hell out of the prisoners, (It is like poking a tied-up dog with a stick, to make it mean and ferocious.) so that they are sure to get more angry with society and turn to crime again as soon as they get out. [Jesus Christ, is there no way to get you to see that we MUST change this crazy System?] Do you have to get locked up first before you can figure it out? There are very few people who can see-through this fake rehabilitation program, called "prison."

People have been led to believe that negative reinforcement (prison) is the only way to change people. That is the Hitler method. And yet on some level we know that punishment is not the best way to get people to cooperate. You can draw more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.

The proof of what I'm saying is verified by the extremely high percentage of prisoners who return to crime soon after their release and eventually return to prison, again and again. Prison did not rehabilitate them! Life must seem very hopeless to prisoners. Sometimes it seems quite hopeless to us who are on the outside treadmill.

Rap music, news, violent TV and movies are just a few of the things that are designed to frustrate and incite people to crime. They try to confuse us by saying that the media violence is simply a way for people to vent their anger vicariously. I don't buy that! I see that it increases peoples anger and makes violence seem so commonplace that it is acceptable.

Because I don't absorb hardly any of the mass media, I don't get angry, fearful or frustrated very often any more. But this letter from a prisoner did arouse my empathy and got me angry again at the Profit System.

I suppose I use this newsletter to let off steam. I convert that anger into my attempt to help build a better System. I turn it into a motivating force instead of allowing the anger to destroy me or turn me to crime. Anger and hate destroy the people who give them a home. Do some angry good people turn to crime for release or for revenge?


I had a chance to talk to a millionaire the other day. I asked him if he thought the PES would work. He said he didn't think people would work without wages. I forgot to point out the 84 million or more volunteers we already have.

Then I asked him if he thought that people in the USA would like to get Freedom. He said, "How do you define Freedom?" I said that it meant being able to do whatever one wished to do. He said that he doesn't define Freedom that way and that people in the USA already have Freedom, so what's the big deal?

He is a nice guy and has been reading my papers for over 20 years and still does not understand. He keeps his nose too close to the grindstone making money and plays too hard to have the time to question and observe the System from a relaxed and uninvolved perspective.

After that conversation I surely felt depressed and hopeless. He is an intelligent successful honest business man. How many more of my readers can't understand the PES and the PIS? I surely must be a very poor definer of the PES and the PIS. It seems so clear and simple to me. I just don't understand why people can't see it. But, something quite similar was explained to me 29 years ago, when I was a successful landlord and business man, and I couldn't understand it either, then. About two years later I dropped-out. Wow! Perhaps that explanation, 29 years ago, was a "wedge" that took two years to open up my awareness. Well then, I shall try to drive wedges too and not expect an instantaneous acceptance.


I bought a pair of down-hill skis, boots, poles and a flour sifter the other day from a Salvation Army thrift store in Minneapolis, all for $9.50. I can now sift through my ideas and try to write more convincing papers. I plan to buy or make a small parachute or maybe a sail that I can hold. Then I'll go sailing on my skis on ice and snow covered lakes when I go fishing this winter.

A friend showed me how to wax my skis. I might even try down-hill skiing. Haven't done that since I was 10 years old with some wooden barrel staves I strapped to my wonderful high-top shoes. (Garsh, I loved those high-top shoes. They had a little leather pocket on one side where I kept my Boy Scout knife.) I didn't even know about ski poles them days and usually fell near the bottom of every hill. I just got a book called, A WAY TO SKI! from the LF library. I think I will try to learn down-hill skiing.


I'm wrestling with myself. One part of me is trying to talk the rest of me into buying a used 486DX4-100 computer with all the goodies. I went to Minneapolis to look for one on the 26th of Dec. but, lucky for me, Que Computers was still closed from X-Mass. The University Computer Center (another small private company) said they would get me going with a brand new set-up for $1,200. It sure is a temptation to get on-line in the Internet. One part of me is resisting. I don't yet know which side will win. If I had any brains at all I think I wouldn't get all tangled up in that mess of redundant and overwhelming information. It could absorb all my time.

Where is that easy-going life I was experiencing a while ago? I surely had made a carefree life for myself, before I bought a computer 9 years ago and published my first book. I must try to find that carefree life again, right here and now! But I do love my computer. There must be a solution to this dilemma. I'll find it ... I hope.



Well there is only one BIG problem. Your including consumption of animals. Point... If you are going to use your time and resources to promote an other wise good idea please do it to the fullest. The raising of cattle alone attributes to a large % of global warming from methane gas they produce. Over consumption of water and grains that could feed the world over 5 times. (Editor's note: What good would that do? The starving people couldn't afford to buy it! The starving people need some land, a cow, a pig, some chickens and a garden. That's what's needed!) Forest including rain forest - destruction of the worlds purifier for pastures. Oh yeah and it is not too fun to get starved put in a wood box all your life then get your throat slit or shocked to death. Also our fish in our seas are at a minimum because of over fishing (Editor's note: This is because of PROFIT, right?) - countless other species from the sea also killed because of consumption of others - ocean dumping of trash - toxic waste - oil. End starvation? Feed the world what your feeding your cow. Pollution - still in your yard - and killing trees - kills us - for your fire and car and house - we need oxygen! Sir or Madam what we need to do is rid the earth of humans - not just money - humans - mean I, you and the rest of the world - subscribe to Vomit or Church of Euthanasia. Wake up- there is not much time.

Harlan VA

Dear Harlan,

Sounds like you don't eat meat. That certainly is OK with me. You want to have your digestive system process all those vegies just to get a little protein ... fine with me. I prefer to let the cows do that.

I've traveled to many of the poor countries of the world and I saw that they had plenty of food. The poor people just didn't have the money to buy it. And they were not allowed a little piece of land to grow their own food. There is plenty of food growable land for everyone in every country. But, in most countries it is impossible for the poor people to use the land. Even in the USA, it takes money to buy some land.

You also seem to say that there are too many people. My friend -- buy yourself a car or a bicycle and drive all the way across and up and down the USA and you will find so much empty land with hardly any people around, that you can scarcely believe it. It just seems like too many people, because they have been lured or driven (and packed as tight as sardines) into cities to create a handy supply of slave-labor. When more people (like the back-to-the-land people) start moving back to the land, in bigger numbers, then everyone will have more breathing space (especially those who leave the cities).

Stop Population Growth!

I agree with you, that we should stop the population growth before we reach the saturate point. We ain't very smart if we fuck ourselves out of a place at our own table. However, the Profiteers want more customers to sell their junk to and to have an over-supply of wage-slaves, to keep wages low. So you see that when we get rid of the Profit System, there will be no incentive to encourage this growth. There will be incentive to stop population growth, so that we can all more fully enjoy all the bountiful space and abundance of resources that there are on this lush planet.

Religion works hand in hand with the Profiteers to increase the birth rate. Why do you suppose they do that?

Food Chain

Some people have been talked out of their place in the food-chain. They have learned that plants and seeds are alive too and by scientific tests have discovered that they also have feelings and are aware and frightened when they are harvested (killed) with a sharp tool or knife. So these people tried to live on just water, air and sunshine. Of course they died in 30 to 40 days. I met two of them before they died, who lived in Florida while they were doing their experiment.

We are part of the food-chain, like it or not! We have predators who kill and eat us if we let them. Why don't you talk to our predators. Tell them we have feelings too! Tell them to eat vegies instead of meat! See what the Grisley bear and the shark say to you?

Every living thing is a predator on some other living things below them on the food-chain. That's life, but you can choose your own diet and so can I.


Our domesticated meat animals live an easier life than their wild ancestors did. They no longer have to migrate, nor search very hard for food and water. They are protected from all of their predators (except from their owner) and they are kept healthy. They have most of their decisions made for them. They have life very easy up until the day that their wool coats are sheared off each year or their milk is taken from them twice a day or the day that they get slaughtered. They pay the price for their easy life and for their reluctance to do some quality thinking and Escape.

They have such an easy life that they have lost their desire to Escape and get the Freedom that their species once had. Does this remind you of wage-slaves who get sheared of their labor for eight hours a day, five days a week? Have they traded their Freedom for some shinny toys and a System that relieves them of important decision making? Has the System made them forget how to take care of their own needs and thereby lose their Independence? Have they lost their desire to Escape and be Free? Yes! Yes! Yes! Have people been domesticated almost down to the level of cows? Do people allow their masters (government, bosses, teachers, police, merchants, etc.) to tell them what they can and can not do? How can wage-slaves think that they are superior to the cows, as far as Freedom goes? The cows may have more Freedom than people have and they don't work as hard either.


Animals' manure enriches the soil where crops are grown. If Americans weren't such suckers, they would use human manure too, as farmers do in some other countries. My father put our out-house cleanings along with the other animal manure on our crop land. All farmers were Organic Farmers then. People were not as sickly then. They did not put hormones into their cows then, nor injections into their chickens. My grand parents lived into their nineties. How old did your relatives get? Chemical companies enjoy big Profits from artificial fertilizers and injections.

Some farmers are catching the methane gas and using it for fuel for heating, cooking and running their cars. They use the sludge that remains for fertilizer. So don't be afraid of methane gas, except don't inhale too much of it.

Sincerely, E.M.

Another Letter

Dear Ernest:

I thought you would be interested in a clipping from the San Diego Union which featured people who were simplifying their lives. My wife and I were interviewed for the article. I appreciated the opportunity to explain elements of our own PIS. Several friends (some from where I used to work) called to express admiration for what my wife and I have done.

I'm still in long-distance trucking, with my partner and I having put 100,000 miles on our truck in nine months. I was even up in Red Wing, Minnesota a few weeks ago. Some time when we're in Little Falls we'll drop by and say hello, if that's O.K.

Anyway, keep up the good work. I sure do enjoy living so freely and your writings have always encouraged and helped me.

Rich Spirit California

Should We Try?

We can not expect things to get better, if we don't try to make them better!!!

We have tried to hire politicians to do it for us. They have succeeded in making things progressively worse. And just look at what they are charging us for that ... a trillion dollars a year, and rising!

"If you wish to get something done right -- you have to do it yourself!"

I have succeeded in gaining a lot of Freedom. But I can't do it for others. I wake up a few people and they in turn wake up a few more and they wake up some more, etc. That may be all we need to do.

I get too impatient. I've got to try to remember that the geometric progression of numbers will eventually spread the idea to all the world's people. So I don't need to fret, worry, be anxious or feel inadequate. I'll just continue to put out wedges when I can, and hope for the best. My dear old mother used to say, "Do the best you can, and Angels can't do better."

Cows Try!

When I was a boy on my parent's farm, our cows were smarter than some people. When the cows found a weak place in the fence, they created holes and immediately Escaped. The Profit/Wage System has lots of holes in its fence. If you Escape, there is no one who will chase after you to force you back in. No one bothered me when I Escaped, or since, except my relatives thought that I was too young to retire at age 42. Yet few people try to Escape! They have been so domesticated and are so occupied with diversions that they never think of slipping through the fence. Most people don't even know they are fenced in. They vaguely realize that their boundaries are limited by the size of their debts and the amount of money they have, but they think that is natural and proper. They now desire to be winners in the bee hive (ant hill or the whole) and they just do what they are told. They don't know what it is like to be Free! All they know is varying levels of slavery.

The trouble is, the people who rule the bee hive are insane and are destroying our life support systems. So what the Hell are we to do. Wake up the slaves, I guess. Maybe the best way is to just let them see what Free People are doing. God! That sounds easy. Now how do I get myself to just selfishly pursue my own PIS (Personal Independence System)?

The economics Game the whole world is playing is based on Profit and Wages. The people who are the best players at this game win the most money and become super-rich. These are people without a conscience who are able to disregard the long-range consequences of their present winning methods. The flaw in the Profit/Wage Economic System is that it is a Game that psychopaths easily win at and very likely was invented by their ancient psychopathic ancestors.

Bucky Fuller once said, "We need to be playing a cooperative game where everyone is a winner." The PES and the PIS would fill his definition, I believe.

I'm glad I haven't invested in that 486 computer ... just another anchor to be tied around my neck. But I still wrestle that decision.

I think I would rather have a little old row boat costing $50 to convert into a sailboat-home (but I'll probably buy a used sailboat) and see the world and have an old lady in every port or if I were extremely lucky (I'm lucky, but I don't know if I'm extremely lucky), I'd have a nice old grandma on board with me. Do I hear any volunteers? You got'ta be somewhere near my 69 years of age. I'll keep your feet warm and more. With a little more luck, this could be my last issue -- but don't ever bet on it! There is a chance I might have room for a little notebook computer on board. And besides that, I plan to stay here in Little Falls until September, '96, when grandson turns 18. That would give us plenty of time to get acquainted before we launch our boat. Then we would have our cake and be eating it too. A Free person has such a lot of choices, especially if he/she has saved up a bit of money.

Perhaps we will be better teachers, if we are practicing what we preach as much as we can and allow others to observe a better lifestyle, in action. We may be able to publicize our Freer lifestyles as we are developing them. I use this newsletter for that.

The less dependent we are on society and money ... the more Freedom we have. Is there anything more important in life than to have the Freedom to do as you please? I expect most slaves won't understand this. But Baby, I love it! I love Freedom! Money gives this Freedom. The ability to live without much money also gives this Freedom!!! I know! I've tried both. At present I use a little of both. It works!

Use the System to beat the System! Whoopee!!


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