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Underground Paper Reviews

F.U.N. (Family Unschoolers Network), Nancy & Bill Greer, 1688 Belhaven Woods Court, Pasadena, MD 21122-3727 $6/yr. #1. This looks like it will be a very fine newsletter. They also have a comprehensive catalog of home schooling books.

GROWING WITHOUT SCHOOLING, 2269 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02140. This is one of the finest and oldest of all home schooling newsletters. I think John Holt started it. They also have an excellent catalog.

YOUR FREEDOM, John Haynes, Box 54562, Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1562. #1. ($2) This new 8 pager is right up our alley. It looks like we will be talking about the same things, only John's paper has a nicer format. It might even sell on the news stands. Let's support it!

Book Review

CALL TO ARMS, Alan Dean Foster, Del Rey Books. (1991) I enjoy most of Foster's books. This story really focused on a theme you see a lot of in the books that get published by the big publishers. That theme is that humans just love to fight and kill and they really get a bang out of wars. That theme is repeated so much in books that I'll bet many people believe it.

In the 26 years I have been retired I have had a lot of time to really get to know a lot of different people from all walks of life. I don't buy this theory! I think people must be coerced or bribed into fighting wars. Sometimes they are made angry or scared to get them to fight.

There may be a few kids who were abused when they were little who do fit that stereotype but it certainly is not the norm.

Why do you suppose they are creating this illusion? Does it make these "little" wars they are now staging, acceptable? Does it make war seem like a natural inevitable part of civilization that can't be changed?

I can not believe that all these people I've met in my 68 years have a hidden desire to be violent and kill.

We are gullible because we wish to be honest and believe others wish that too. So we believe the con-artists who make big Profits from war and destruction and we go to war for them in the name of Patriotism or Religion.

These Profiteers are not bad people ... they are just experts at playing the Profit Game. They may have been programmed by their families to think of "people" as dumb sheep to be used any way necessary to make more Profits. It may not be too late for us to get up off our knees and stand on our own hind legs and begin to learn the Personal Independence System (PIS).

Get Smart!

If we ever get smart, we'll play a Game where everyone will be a winner. Then we won't ever be a loser any more! A Cooperative Game, not a Competitive Game! The Priceless Economic System (PES) or the PIS would both be better Games! Even the Profiteers will have more fun in these new Games. They can still win because we will all be winners then.

Then instead of remaining ignorant and dependent on Profiteers and government, people will learn Personal Independence (PI) and create their own Personal Utopia's (PU'S).

Then the smarter quicker-witted Elite won't have so much responsibility. Live and let live.

If we quit feeling so scared and incompetent and start feeling our Independent Power (IP) we can begin to ignore the commands of the Elite and do our own thing.

An area, a nation or a planet of independent people with no government would be very difficult (if not impossible) to capture and control, by dictators or aliens.

In novels and news they try to make us believe that people are violent. That creates fear. They may even hire people to commit crimes to prove their point. Then they can make us believe that we need a government to protect us from those bad guys.

Government doesn't just "attempt to control" the bad guys. No! They spend most of their time taxing and controlling the good people who don't need it. We allow them to tax us to death. We allow them to waste all that tax money!

They channel us with prices. The poor people go to the low priced places. The middle class go to the middle priced places. The rich go to the expensive places. The Elite go wherever they damn please. Is this Freedom? For who?

I have reduced my taxable income low enough so that I don't pay income taxes and buy very few new things, so I pay very little sales tax and I don't vote. So I support government very little. I write this newsletter!

I obey laws enough to keep out of jail and use my own judgment on what is right and wrong. That gives them one less slave and creates one more nearly Free person. The more Free persons that the masses see, the more courage they may gain to take the bull by the tail and look it right straight in the eye. They will look at our lifestyles and copy the one that looks best.

This is the war I am fighting, without fighting anyone, except my own inertia. It is a tough fight to get my own ass into gear and think up enjoyable things to do with my time. I have already taken my divorce from the mass media so I have lots of Free time to do as I please.

Letter to:

Pat Earl, 20149-148, Box 1000, Lewisburg, PA 17837. Pat publishes "The Satin Shoe," from prison, I think. He sent me his #2 issue of 20 pages of easy to read type and layout. (no price listed) Contents was not my thing but he (she?) must be on a very good wave length to reprint a pocket size 30 pages booklet of indepth description of Anarchism. It was written by Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society, Box 20, Parkville, 3052, Melbourne, Australia and Anarchist Media Institute, Box 6, Alphington, 3078, Australia. I would guess that Pat may have more copies of her reprint. No price listed.

Dear Pat,

Your reprint of "Anarchism Towards the 21st Century" was a splendid idea. Here are a few of the parts of their description of Anarchy that I have trouble with.

First: I find it hard to believe a true Anarchist would belong to any kind of organization. That would be a contradiction in terms.

Second: To elect fellow workers to represent them is another contradiction. We have already tried that! Representatives are a foothold for the power hungry to get control.

In the PES each person who worked at a place of production would have his or her own vote in any decisions that needed to be made. If the vote went against a person's better judgment that person could withdraw their labor and give it at another place where they could find agreement.

In this way decisions would be based, not on profit or advancement of a worker, but on producing the best product possible with the least resources and the least labor.

Places of production would not be owned by the state, private corporations or by anyone. But would be built by people's labor and would be operated by people's labor. They would be used, not owned.

Third: It lacked the following: In the PIS we would each learn to provide for our own needs, i.e., become independent of the present system. That would be how we would set ourselves Free. When you take pay -- you must obey!

As everyone learns to take care of them self and their family, there would be no one needing or using a government. We would not be wasting our energy, time and resources defending our selves.

We do not need to overthrow the government and take control of the army. That would lead to too great a temptation. We just stop feeding government money, labor and conflict. Government grows on all three of these foods.

The big Corporations will collapse when we quit buying their junk and quit giving them our labor. Bucky Fuller said that 90% of their products are unnecessary.

The state will collapse when we quit giving it our money, labor and votes.

With the multiple progression of numbers (after we learn to live with little money), we'll be examples. Others will see that we are surviving better, with little money. Monkey see -- monkey do. Everyone wants a better way. These new examples will multiply our exposure. We merely need to find Independence for ourselves and the sheep will soon follow.

To find cheaper ways to live is not illegal, so we won't be harassed, while the giants crumble.

There is plenty of land for everyone, and cheap too if you get at least 100 miles from a large city. Some can be bought with a small down payment but if you save up some money you can buy it cheaper with cash. We'll use the system to beat the system!

I must not be an anarchist because I have yet to find a description of anarchy that I can agree with.

Letter to Robert Coles

Dear Mr. Coles:

I read your article "The Disparity Between Intellect and Character" in the September 22, 1995 issue of "The Chronicle of Higher Education." You tell in an interesting way about a problem regarding character that you were brought face-to-face with by one of your students.

I think I have a solution to that problem.

I don't pretend to be schooled. I graduated from a farming community high school with a salutatorian rank. I graduated from an 18 month Business Administration course at Minnesota School of Business in 1948. I dropped out of the U. of Minnesota in my third quarter. I worked as a real estate salesman for twenty years and ten years of that time I was also a real estate broker. I made enough money to support a wife and three children and retired in 1969 at the age of 42.

I feel I succeeded in the practice of economics. Now I try to teach economics in my 26 year old newsletter, the "Little Free Press." A copy is enclosed. I don't feel I have been much of a success in teaching.

I have not worked for money since 1969 except for the last two years. My money supply was down to $6,000 so I put that to work investing in real estate here in Little Falls. It worked for me and I did carpenter work on the houses I bought and made a little pile of money and am retired again from money making.

In the past 26 years I have traveled extensively, read a lot, discussed much and lived different lifestyles and spent very little money. I've had lots of Free time to observe the system, people and nature and think about what I've seen and I write about it.

Those are my credentials, my sheepskin.

Now for the problem. People are mean to each other and they are pissing in their own drinking water supply.

Why? Because there is more PROFIT in doing bad things than in doing good things. For example: There is more profit to have sickness than health, war than peace, auto accidents than no accidents, obsolescence than classic. I could show a page of examples.

The real problem is that we are playing a real dumb economics game. Basically people take pay for their work and must pay for the products and services. There are a few great winners, a few mediocre winners and billions of losers. This could be called the Competitive Game. As Buckminster Fuller once said, "We need to be playing a Game where everyone is a winner!" This would be a Co-operative Game.

I designed a cooperative system and later discovered a few other people had also. Later I discovered that the South Sea Islanders, the Eskimos and some of the American Indians had used my system successfully for thousands of years.

For several years I called my system the "Priceless Economic System" (PES).

But, now I think I'm evolving to a better system. I'm calling it the Personal Independence System (PIS).

The PIS is very similar to the PES except one focuses first on gaining his/her own Personal Independence (PI) from money, government and people.

Then after one learns to feed, house, cloth and entertain ones self and family, then one has the leisure time and the independence to make a choice, whether or not to cooperate with others to produce what one can't produce by them self. Then one operates in the PES as an Independent Operator (IO) and reduces or eliminates the chance for anyone to coerce one to do the bad things that money is now persuading people to do.

When there is no Profit in war, pollution, stealing, starvation and government, there will no longer be an incentive to cause them.

In my travels here and abroad I have found most people wanting to do "good" to me and to others as far as they could afford to.

With the PES everything will be free. People will work for free and will like the good feelings they can then get from being generous and kind.

With the PES, good morals would be the norm. We won't have to teach them.

In a sane economic system we would soon discover which actions and words bring us the most happiness.

In the Profit/Wage Economic System we cannot make equal trades. We must steal a little with each trade we make. It's called Profit! In the PWES we cannot pay our rent and all the rest of our bills if we don't make a profit.

The people that are the best at playing the Profit/Wage Game, charge all the traffic will bear. And then create a monopoly or cartel and bear down even harder.

This is a fun-game for those people suited for this game, but it is not so much fun for those billions who are not gifted with the talents necessary to win at this game of unfair trading. Does this suggest that most people are "good" and have a hard time charging all the traffic will bear and would never think of creating a monopoly, trust or cartel?

In order to continue being winners in this Game, the Elite must keep people ignorant of how the Game is really played and to further keep the people too busy and distracted to learn to think and provide for themselves. The Elite have been very successful in their efforts.

It now remains for those few of us, who are becoming aware of how the Game is played and who have figured (or think they have) a way of escape from this slavery, (When you take pay -- you must obey.) to go ahead and live that Freedom. We then become examples that slaves will see and eventually emulate. We can even write our own newsletter or use our best talents in some other way to make it a little easier for the other slaves to wake up and develop some courage.

Some of us, after we became aware of some of the tricks that the slave masters use, try to pass on these findings to any slaves who will listen.

Lincoln didn't free the slaves. He just gave them a new name -- Wage-slaves!

When you are living in a world society where it is necessary to charge all the traffic will bear (i.e., steal from your friends) in order to become a real success, it becomes hard to trust even your best friends. How much are they going to overcharge you?

Where it is more profitable to do bad things than good, it is impossible to exercise good morals much of the time. You can't teach good morals in a college that is practicing Extortion in its tuition charges! (not any more than smoking parents can teach their kids not to smoke) And who ends up with this high tuition money? The people who build, furnish, maintain and supply the colleges and the people who sell to the students and teachers. These are the people who end up with the Profit from the overpriced books and all the other stuff they supply. And who ends up with all these obedience-trained slaves that the colleges produce?

If you would like to see character changed for the better you must first change the economic system to a cooperative one. Then morals will correct themselves. Just ask your board of trustees to start courses in PES and PIS and see what they say.

Mr. Coles, can you relate to anything I've had to say?

[If Mr. Coles chooses to answer (with his permission), I'll reprint his letter.]


Home Page Letter

Dear Ernest,

I don't seem to have found much Freedom yet. Ever since I left my job, a billion things I'd been planning to do are now really getting done. That's good, but it still keeps me too busy. I've gotta work on that.

Anyway, my web site on the Internet is up and running. I have spots for the Little Free Press and already have "links" fixed up so people can "ftp" your two books and the GNUZIP program.

Please start sending the LFP to me on diskette (just ASCII, not in word-processed format) as soon as you like & I'll frame them up. Then the whole group of your materials - books and LFP's - will be simply accessible through my home page, whose address is:

All your materials are a choice on the main menu of options.

Thanks for your letter! Life's never dull, is it?


Hanno Beck
647 Plymouth Road
Baltimore, MD 21229



I can't control other people, I don't have enough money for that. But I can control my own life -- if I choose to! I can stop reading, watching and listening to the mass media, and I have! I can stop being influenced by them. That is a big change in my life and a big money savings. With that little action (non-action actually) I gain loads of Free time. I can choose what I will use this new-found Free time for. I can choose to learn more and experiment with Freedom or I can choose to go back to my old mind-conditioners. I can experiment with what makes me feel happy, secure and independent, if I wish. Creating Free time opened up whole new worlds.

Being dropped-out is nice. I have no deadlines. I work on the LFP whenever I get an idea. An issue goes out whenever it goes out. I don't have ulcers.

Auto Wrecking Yard

One of grandson's friends needed a ride to get a used part for his pick-up. While we were there I asked if they had an old broken truck leaf spring I could buy. They did. I also got a 5 foot long piece of rebar. He cut the spring in half and made a gouge to place the rebar for a handle. After I get the handle welded to the blade, I'll sharpen it and have an ice chisel so I can go fishin. They want $16 for a new ice chisel. This one has cost me $5 so far.

I hear some people are ice fishing around here already.


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12-6-95 Ernest Mann

The Tasaday Cave People (National Geographic, August 1972) spent only two hours per day working to fill their needs and they were a happy people.