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by Rich Spirit

Look at the most recent technological inventions: cable TV, pagers, cellular phones, the internet. What do all these have in common? You cannot own them, you have to pay every month to use them!! No wonder the big corporations are inventing more of this worthless crap! They can keep charging forever, as long as you keep using it. Ever since I started being a long distance truck driver and having to live on a lot less money, I can't believe all the stuff that is advertised to try to separate us from our money--and keep us in slavery.


by Rich Spirit

The Republicans gained control of Congress in 1994 by capitalizing on what the media called the "voters' anger." But what are people really angry about? Some statistics:

Real wages have not increased in this country since 1973!

In 1980, 1% of the people controlled 30% of the nation's wealth. Now, 42% of the wealth is controlled by 1% of the people. The average worker now toils 30 days longer per year than he did in 1968!!

The reason voters are angry is that they have been working away at this wage-slavery every since the start of the industrial revolution. Now, with wages stagnant for almost 25 years, they see that working harder and longer hasn't gotten them anywhere! All the money is going to that 1% money-elite. Now this group is paying off the politicians to convince the masses that the GOVERNMENT is to blame for everyone not having enough money (when it has been a goal of the money-elite all along to siphon off this wealth for themselves). Thus the "angry voters" vote in a bunch of money-elite puppets who want to dismantle government regulation of big business so it can continue its exploitation of workers without scrutiny.

What the voters need to do is stop listening to the media (they lost their true investigative spirits long ago) and think for themselves. They need to realize that this whole thing is part of the money-elite conspiracy to own everything and everyone's time. We should be getting mad at that 1% and not wasting time screaming about the government. We ARE the government; we can control it; we can abolish it!! But we'd better figure out a way to control the money-elite or we will be in slavery forever!!

from Southern California

Give Away Your Power?

We can control the money-elite by not giving them control over us. If we learn to live with very little money, they will have very little control. If we choose to have a government; we give away our Power, our Liberty and our Freedom! We give away our Life if they choose to have a war.

If we put the blame where it belongs ... on our self ... for obeying their rules, then we can make some immediate changes in our self. That little decision gives us back our Power! We don't have to control them, we merely need to learn how to live outside the realm of their power tool, money.

We can change our own understanding and our own actions. We can begin to break free, as we learn to live using less money. Those who control money -- control the World ... if we continue to use money.

The World Needs You!

When I was busy in the Rat Race trying to make enough money to keep my bills paid to support a wife and three kids, I had no time to think about a solution to the world's problems. Nor time to write and publish those ideas. The world badly needs more good people to drop out and put their hearts into helping get things straightened out. The successful people who allow themselves to remain addicted, to the making-more-money Game, are missing a much better Game, the PES and now the PIS, and perhaps a better Game still, that they might design.


For some reason they changed the name of East Pakistan to Bangladesh, some years ago. That country is famous for the superior quality and the abundance of its rice. What kind of rice do you suppose the local people get? They get a poor quality of rice that is imported.

The quality of the roasted Spanish peanuts now available in the US, is very poor. Where do you suppose our top quality peanuts are going? I miss them. Our stores sell us apples from California and Washington. Minnesota raises far superior apples. Where are they going? I expect the trucking and shipping industry likes all this, switching products back and forth, bull shit. This old switch-er-rou is just another of the little tricks of the money-elite.

Spport Government?

Then you are supporting a loser. Every business which goes deeper into debt each year (already around five trillion dollars) is bound to go broke. They always have! Then you will have very tough times if you are dependent on government or on money. If you take the time and effort to study the Profit/Wage System, as some of us already have, you will also discover the fact that we would all be better off without any government. You may discover that it is more fun to be self-sufficient and Free to do as you please, than to be controlled by people who can't even control themselves. You can't trust anyone who buys $400 toilet seats. You may find it more fun to think and do things than to watch other people pretend to do them on the bube-tube.


Being in debt puts one in a very scary place. If you lose your job and are renting, you have just about two months to find another job or you are out on the street. If you are buying a home on a mortgage you may have six months to find a job before they can evict you.

But there is a catch, with a mortgage. Once they start foreclosure proceedings, the only way to keep the house is to refinance the whole mortgage balance (if you can find a bank that will take you). So you see that most people who are in debt today are just about two months away from being "Street People." That is a shocking realization! Can you see the POWER that gives their employers?


Some people have become disgusted with living in an ant hill (a city).

People living in a city are easier to watch, control and starve.

For a little food, starving people will do whatever they are told to do. Some aware people, who are practicing the Personal Independence System, are now buying themselves enough land in the country to raise their own food and fuel. Some are moving to it. Others are holding it for the day they will need it. Buy at least 5 acres, 40 if you can afford it before the prices go up. When pension funds and government welfare are all bankrupt, these back-to-the-land people will not go hungry. There is plenty of land for everyone. It just takes money to acquire it, sometimes as cheap as $300 per acre, if you get at least 100 miles from a big city. In 1980 there was 7.28 acres of food-growable land for each man, woman and child on this earth. Besides this, there are the deserts, mountains, swamps, lakes, rivers and oceans that people also live on. We don't have to wait for a revolution to get Free! A PIS in the bush is better than a PES in the hand. As for me, I'm going to try to take my PIS in the sea. I suppose you've heard this one: "Every little bit helps." said the mouse, as he peed in the ocean.

No Government!!

After people learn to take care of themselves there will be no one that needs to be taken care of by a government. Then we cease to need a government. When each person takes care of their own needs, that will be, "For the greatest benefit to all."

The survivor-type people who are putting their money and efforts back on the land, don't farm for profit ... because the crop price-controllers won't allow the small farmers enough profit to survive. These new farmers do survival-farming and learn to thrive without the expensive equipment of the farmers who went broke. People survived with primitive farming methods for thousands of years. I've seen them do it on the islands of Ibiza and Formentera off the coast of Spain. People are learning to do it again. It is much more satisfying than farming with machines. I almost did it last year with my 20x50 foot organic garden, except I rented a Rototiller. The second year I could have mulched instead of tilled. Your first year, I think, you need to get rid of the sod cover.

Survival-farming is just a big garden with enough animals to provide for your own needs. If you read the "One Straw Revolution," by Nasanobu Fukuoka and "Gardening Without a Backache," by Ruth Stout, you'll learn how to do it without plowing, cultivating or using poison sprays. You'll use mulch and manure.


If you come to the point in your thinking, where you no longer believe what the mass media is telling you, and if you are able to see that the Proftit/Wage System allows the "rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer," and allows the people who Profit most, to cause the wars, starvation, pollution, stealing and high taxes, and if you can see that "money" is the main tool used to control people, then you may be ready for a PIS.

The people who control money ... control government ... and thus control your life! Do you call this Freedom? This used to be called Slavery! But our attention has been cleverly diverted from this fact by our wild dashing for the shinny toys they constantly offer us in their mass media (the opiate of the people).

PIS Summary

The idea of the Personal Independence System is to learn how to become independent of the need for money and government and thus gain control of your own life.

1. Decide on a more self-sufficient lifestyle than the masses use.

2. Stop absorbing the mass media.

3. Destroy your credit cards.

4. Get rid of all your debts.

5. Keep track of every penny you spend and what you spend it on.

6. Re-evaluate each item. Decide which items to quit buying.

7. Put that saved money securely away. Let it pile up. Run your fingers through it occasionally. You will be surprised at how good it makes you feel.

8. Begin thinking and looking for something to invest that money in. Invest in something you have some expertise in and can have some control over. Then wait for a good buy. Let your money work for you and begin to multiply itself. Use The System -- To Beat The System!

9. Learn how to improve your skill in your job to get more income. Or learn the skills for a better paying job. The more you make, the sooner you can drop out and be independent.

10. The more you learn to provide-for yourself with less money, the sooner you can drop out. Being out of the Rat Race gives me 24 hours per day of free time to learn how to enjoy life more. Then at my leisure I find more ways to be self-sufficient and now need even less money and thus can stay dropped out longer and have the free time to think and write.

If you're not a back-to-the-land type person, figure out what you can accumulate to trade for food and rent (or taxes) should the bottom drop out of government and the value of money and you suddenly find yourself, jobless and homeless.

Be prepared!

Those who are getting prepared are the people who, because they stopped absorbing the mass media, are not running scarred any more. They are not paranoid like the people who are buying guns and bullets. They are taking the positive approach and are learning how to grow their own food, build their own shelter, how to stay healthy and make their own clothes. They are learning one step at a time. They find this a joyful pursuit. They don't have to spend money any more for entertainment. They feel more secure and happy because they can see what the Profit Game is all about and are taking steps to get out of it.

"If you are not part of the problem -- you are part of the solution!"

These drop-outs and the potential drop-outs are communicating with each other. They write and/or read underground papers when they find some that are supportive and helpful.

They no longer waste their lives thinking about or fighting government. (politics is a major act in CAESARS Circus.) They give it as little support as possible. Laws and government are useless if people no longer believe in them. Government loses more supporters with each of the dumb acts of its politicians and bureaucrats.

For Thinkers

PIS is for people who like to do as they please. But, thinking ahead a little ... if we all achieve independence on our own piece of land without using any money, how are we going to get that computer or even typewriter that we may want? Will some people be tempted to steal one? Will we really be able to eliminate money entirely? This is a pisser of a question.

Let's see ... with ones own mini-farm it won't take many hours per day to be self-sufficient after you get your homestead all set up and organized. We would then have everything that we need to survive without a guaranteed annual income provided by a government. We would provide our own guaranteed annual survival.

With all the leisure time we would then have, we would most likely enjoy taking some time to run some of the interesting production machines or cooperate in some other way to produce the things we couldn't produce by our self. In the PIS everything would be free of charge. Stealing would be unnecessary as would all the other evils of the Profit/Wage System.

Write to me, if you can see any hitches or bugs in this PIS.

Letter to Editor

Dear Ernest,

Last month marked the 20th anniversary of my writing down every expense every day. And I am debt free. Thanks in part to your writings of encouragement and empowerment, I quit my job and will live on my savings for a few months. Grabbing some Freedom because I can. Maybe that will help me figure out what to do next.

I just tried to "ftp" your book FREE I GOT via the Internet. It was easy to find and receive, but the file was not readable by my computer.

Later: In my letter to you a few days ago, I got it wrong when I said there was a problem with getting your books via ftp. It was my fault for not doing a couple of things that more experienced ftp-ers would have done. Now I have it working just fine.


Dear Ernest,

I agree with the save/invest idea with a decent job and no debt. I am doing just that.

8-Ball. I know a guy --good friend-- who I went to college with. He always lived with some type of part time job to have a bit of extra cash. He always spent it, got credit cards and rolled up a small debt. I warned him back then to "stop the madness" otherwise you will find yourself earning $30k plus and still be in debt. Today ... my friend did not listen ... he is earning $30,000

per year for 1 1/2 years, has a larger debt and not much to show for it, except maybe 50 lbs. of extra weight ... not a car or house or much of anything. I've tried to warn him many times ... so I can understand your plight on that level. Some people you can't change no matter how hard you try ... I tried for 6 years!!

I read in the paper that 70% of people with credit cards carry a balance and that the average $ owed by these card holders is $3,000



Editor's comments: Yes. People who refuse to listen to reason, have to learn the hard way. Some don't seem to even learn the hard way.

Book Review

THE LAST OF THE MOUNTAIN MEN, by Harold Peterson. Belmont Tower Books, 1975. This interesting book tells how one man got by on very little money and lived a peaceful and happy life.

Underground Paper Reviews

GROUNDSWELL, Thomas C. Mullian, Box 174, Prospect Park, PA 19076-1307 ($10/year) A monthly 12 pages. #5. After reading a few paragraphs, I couldn't put it down. It is a refreshing intellectual exercise! The four syllable words slowed me down and made me think more. It is heartening to find good writers who also posses intelligence and can see through the mass media con-job. That is a rarity. It's reinforcing! The world dearly needs it! Get it! Let's give it our encouragement to continue. Each issue is a masterpiece. I have just read the first five issues. Try to get all five. They are classics.

FACTSHEET FIVE, R. Seth Friedman, Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099 ($3.95 at news stands. $6. postpaid for sample) #57 has 144 pages with thousands of review listings. This is one of the oldest and best directories of underground papers. He gives a review of each paper and makes it easy to find the kind of paper that you are looking for. Or if you write one, send him a copy to review.

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11-20-95 Ernest Mann

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