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Time Gladiator

I just finished this 1969 book by Mack Renolds. This story runs kind of parallel to our present world situation. His slaves are content with their TV and drugs. They have no desire to make change in the status quo!

His rebels were having problems similar to ours trying to wake-up the masses. They got more and more frustrated when the masses refused to see what they pointed out.

Some critics say, in a disparaging way, that we radicals end up just talking with each other, with our papers. But, while it may be true that the thinkers are our only readers, at least it is reinforcing to know that we are not alone in our beliefs. That maybe we are right and are headed in a good direction. But, surely we do awaken another mass-hypnotized thinker once in a while.

What most convinces the people, who are going along with the masses, is to see others who are living more independently and Freer. If they can see that we are having lots more Free time to do as we like, that we are able to take life easy and not have to hurry, hurry, hurry as they all seem to do, then they may ask how we manage to be Freer than they are.

The masses are like teenagers. They don't want or like advice unless they ask for it. This may be our big mistake ... pushing our findings and solutions on them without their asking.

How can I stop doing this? I could quit publishing and focus all my efforts on my independence.

In what ways am I dependent?

1. I buy all my food.

2. I buy most of my clothes used.

3. I rent space to park my trailer.

4. I buy gas for my car.

5. I pay for electricity, natural gas, telephone and long distance.

6. I buy books.

7. I buy computer supplies and pay for printing.

What could I do to become more independent?

1. Food: I'll start fishing this winter and hunt & garden when I get land.

2. Clothing: I'll look more in dumpsters.

3. Shelter: I'll buy 40 acres and build a cabin and cut wood for my heat. I might buy a junker mobile home to live in while I'm building.

4. Travel: Maybe I'll build a wood burning car or a boat or just walk.

5. Trade: Maybe I can figure out a way to trade my skills instead of money, for some of the things I need. This way I would avoid the middle-man, called money and perhaps effect a more even trade.

Getting Free

Getting Free one step at a time.

1st step: Become aware of a lifestyle that I like better.

2nd step: Get rid of all debts. Pay them off as fast as you can. Another way is to sell the goods or property and use that money to pay them off. The trouble with this method is that they will rarely sell for as much as you owe on them. If they won't sell for as much, you can just let them foreclose and take the stuff back. However if you have a regular job or a good business they can garnish your wages or maybe your business income. Sometimes it's better to sell and make up the difference from your savings. Or take bankruptcy. Getting out of debt has a high priority if you wish independence and Freedom.

If you have an expensive house with a big mortgage ... sell it and buy one you can pay cash for or pay off quickly. Same with cars.

3rd Step: If you've got kids, get in touch with a home-schooling group. Home school your kids. Teach them to read, write and arithmetic. After they learn to read they can learn whatever else they are interested in. Of course you'll teach them how to care for their health. Teach them a trade or some other way to make a living and/or apprentice them in work they like with someone you trust.

4th Step: Make a list of how you are dependent on money.

5th Step: Pick out the easiest dependency to cure and begin figuring out how to become independent in this one area of your life. Then pick another. It will be more of a challenge, more fun and more satisfying than TV, games and videos. It will be your beginning, into Independence and Freedom from the need for government to guide you and for your dependency on money and the Rich Guys. Independence is security.

This is the REAL REVOLUTION that has not been revealed by any media. Using this personal and private escape route, from slavery to the almighty dollar, is a Freedom within itself. We are Free to go about this escape plan in any way we choose and as intensely as we please. We have total Freedom as soon as we decide to escape, to choose our own method. We need to follow no one else's plan. We can soon feel some Freedom in this little area of our life.

We can start to cut the strings that bind us to the world-wide Profit/Wage System. We can also cut the strings that make us dependent on government.

Our own little Revolution hurts no one. No one will suspect what we are doing (unless they are also doing it). There is no one to stop us or harass us in these Revolutionary Acts. They are not against the law. They don't cost anything. They are cheaper to do than what we are normally doing. No dues to pay or courses to take. We can become less dependent on money and government.

We don't have a leader to follow (obey). Leaders are not infallible! They are actually a pain in the ass. I like being my own leader. I can be my own pain in the ass. There is no way a movement like this can be stopped. No leaders to kill or jail. Everyone is a leader ... by just being an example of someone who is becoming happy and secure. If we share these ideas with two people or more who become sold on the ideas and if they do likewise and share ideas likewise ... then in just 33 doublings, these ideas would be shared with 8.5 billion people (if we had that many). Check out the mathematics yourself. See page 4.

Count Your Blessings

Make a list right now of all the good things about your life. Add to it whenever you think of another. Read this list over when you're feeling down. Your luck will improve.

Make Plans for Your Future

You can't expect to get to a place you would like to be, if you don't make a plan.

How Can I Get More Independent

My New Plan

I think my new plan is to focus most of my time perfecting my independence, instead of writing about a hypothetical independence. If I feel like writing I think I'll write in my journal. I'll try to write in the LFP my actual achievements along this line.

I'll start today to taper off from coffee. Coffee is not grown locally. It is also a stimulant and my heart may be better off without it. Each day I'll try to think about what else I can do to make my self more independent.

Missing the Mark

I think we radicals have been missing the mark when we've been trying to organize others and sit at meetings and vote on new rules and bylaws on what should be done. (What group does that sound like? Did you see the Monte Python film, "Life of Brian"?).

The PES won't give us total Freedom until everyone is Free. Then we will be free, to be free-slaves. We'll be dependent on the rest of the people. To be slaves in the PES would be much better than being wage-slaves. We would work because we want-to instead of because we have-to. We would get everything that we want for free. Most people would still seek leaders to tell them what to do. The PES would be the Ultimate as the best Slave System imaginable. Best for the slaves and best for the slave masters. The slave masters would work for free too. They would con us into doing whatever they wanted us to do. They know how! A slave obeys a leader. It might be the closest system to the bee hive and the ant colony yet thought of. Just look how I am ranting against my own PES!

I have realized this fact about the PES for two or three years ... yet, I have continued to promote the Priceless Economic System. I figured that at least we would end wars and we slaves could be much happier and get all the education we wanted, free of charge and we could still strive to be Free.


In the past 26 years I have read about communes, visited them, been a landlord of one and thought about joining one. But something always held me back. Maybe it was my farmers independent nature. Farmers 50 years ago were very independent. I grew up on a farm. I just couldn't (and still can't) see giving up my vote to a consensus or a group leader.

Consequently I now envision a Utopian world where people are independent and can survive without the help of the group or of slaves. A world of 5 billion sovereign nations learning the Golden Rule. Where people can co-operate with others if they can see a mutual benefit in doing so. Where people feel like independent individuals, and not just a part of that "whole" (ant hill) that some people are pushing.

In this Free world there would be no Profit in causing war, sickness, famine, pollution and other troubles. In the Profit/Wage System someone makes a Profit from each of these money-hungry conditions.

Personal Independence System

What could we call this independent system? How about Personal Independence System?

What would be the individual's focus in the PIS? I think it would be to ignore all propaganda and proceed to find all the ways needed to become as independent of other people, money and government as one can. To ask oneself as the Japanese farmer, Nasanobu Fukuoka did, "What would happen if I stopped doing this or that?" Then we can begin to eliminate many of our dependencies. Those we can't seem to eliminate we can focus on to see what we can use as a substitute.

This is just the beginning of my thinking on the PIS. I hope to get feedback from my readers to better visualize the PIS theory. Maybe we can formulate a PIS test.

I can see that I am now 100% dependent on money. That fact is almost overwhelming.

I am a TOTAL slave, for my existence, to Money.

That is a hard one to face! It is almost too depressing to think about. It is the bottom of the pits. That is where we are ... we are down as far as we can go. There is no place to go except up and out of the pits.

How am I to climb out? I have been climbing out these past 26 years by reducing my needs for money. I don't spend nearly as much as I used to.

Since I retired in 1969, I have looked for ways to get what I wanted as cheap as possible. My purpose was to stretch my savings as far as I could in order to stay retired.

Now my purpose is different. Now I wish to become as self-sufficient as possible. That is, independent of money. Not necessarily independent of people. I like people. I like to do nice things for people. I like it when they do nice things for me. Is that weird? Is that a slave mentality? I just don't know. I get good feelings when I do something nice for someone. Is this the way I have been mind-conditioned or is it an instinct of survival? Perhaps it is an instinct which makes survival more fun and thus makes it easier and more worthwhile to survive?

I allow my money to be my master. Therefore I can change that by merely finding ways to survive and be happy without the use of money or credit.

How can I reduce my dependency on money? I can't make myself totally independent all at once. Reducing my need, I can start doing right away.

Why do I want to reduce my need for money?

1. Because the Profit/Wage System is the cause of most of the bad things that are happening, e.g., wars, pollution, starvation, sickness, stealing and taxes. I don't wish to supply the money or labor.

2. Because I don't like all the hassles involved in getting money, worrying about how to save it, worrying about investing it, and lastly, in worrying about losing it.

3. Because I wish to help in establishing a better System.

4. Because I don't like to have the money people control my life.

5. I don't like to waste my time (life) doing all the things necessary to earn money.

6. I resent seeing other people take the biggest share of my productivity. See LFP #119.

My Progress

How I have reduced my dependency on money so far:

What Else?

What else can I do or not do to reduce and/or eliminate my need for money?

1. I can quit consuming food that can't be grown locally. I'll quit drinking coffee as soon as my two pounds are used up. I quit once before, several years ago. I soon felt no desire for it. Water and milk suited me just fine.

2. I'll quit using sugar. I'll use honey instead.

3. I'll sell a contract for deed and buy 40 acres of land that is mostly woods. I can live rent-free there (except for taxes) and build a cabin from the small logs or hire a portable saw mill, to saw lumber from big logs if I have any. I'll heat with wood. I'll build an electric wind generator from old car generators or perhaps from alternators. I'll have my own well. I'll build a toilet to catch my human waste and dump it into a tank and use the methane gas it generates for cooking and use the sludge by-product for fertilizer on my garden. I'll raise all or most all my own food. I'll have some animals for meat, eggs, wool, leather and down, and have their manure for the garden.

I know a couple who did this. They had fun getting it all organized and built. They birthed two children and home schooled them in their geodesic dome and log cabin addition. They finally began to have lots of Free time. They developed their musical abilities and started a band that was very successful and played for years. They got divorced and now after about 15 years, he has disbanded the band and gone back to the land. He got fed up with leadership hassles and being exploited by his employers.


I'll invest some of my money in 40 acres of wooded land. I think I can get it for about $200 per acre around here. That will be a better place for my investment than in a contract for deed. I spend the money (interest and principal) as the contract payments come in. Soon I would be broke again. Because there is a limited amount of land and an ever increasing population desiring it, land will surely be the safest investment, providing I keep some extra money so that I will always be able to pay the taxes.

But before I move on to the land, I'll begin my Sea Gypsy life. And before that I'll keep my promise to my grandson and continue to provide a home for him until he is 18. That will be for about a year more. I'll have plenty of time to make more plans for my life aboard a sail boat. I might even buy one and use it in the Minnesota lakes next summer.

I think I'll start fishing through the ice this winter. This will provide me with part of my meat. It will be a fun way to reduce my need for money. I like to fish.

I don't wish to be a slave in a bee hive or an ant hill. If other people like to let someone else tell them what they must or must not do ... that is their prerogative. They may get enough courage some day to change, if they see enough people getting Free.

I think this is a turning point in the purpose of the LFP. I'm going to try to quit promoting the PES and even the PIS and try to make the LFP into just a chatty paper telling about my successes and failures in getting more Freedom.

Car & Computer

What about the machines that I still want from the Profit/Wage System? And the libraries and book stores? How can I rationalize keeping these if I wish to quit using money?

I guess I got to start with my motive or purpose in life. What do I really want from life? What it really all boils down to is; I wish to be happy. I wish to enjoy life. I have no desire to be a martyr, to be humble, to be a hermit or to try to be a proper example. I just wish to be me and discover more of my capabilities that will give me pleasure and power over my remaining years.

I sure hope I can give-up my world-saver fanaticism and focus all my strength on making myself happy. That is, doing things I like to do ... not what I keep thinking I should do.

What Do I Like?

1. I like to write

2. travel

3. talk with friends

4. fish

5. I may think of something else.

To do these things I like to do, I need to spend money. I don't wish to go back to living as a primitive cave-man with a stone knife. I can not think of a "perfect" system or a way to avoid using the money system completely. So, I guess I must make myself content with doing some slave-labor to get the things from the Profit/Wage System that I want. The less I desire from them, the less slave-labor I'll have to give them. I guess I can live with that until a better idea comes along.

Your Philosophy of Life

If you write to me about your lifestyle or the one that you aspire to, I'll try to share it with the other readers. Be sure to tell me what name and how much address I should include.

Underground Paper

PADDLE FISH FIRST, Drew Hempel, 1024 Osleola Avenue #B, St. Paul, MN 55105 (stamp) #6 had 4 pages. Really packed with all the bad shit that is happening in our system. If you know people who think that everything is just dandy ... show them a PFF.


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If each reader makes copies of this paper and passes them out and if the people who receive your copies do the same ... we will plant a lot of PIS seeds. If we plant enough seeds, a few will grow. At least try to get two of your best friends interested in PIS.

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11-13-95 Ernest Mann

In his book "One Straw Revolution."