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Computer Upgrading

A computer is really a nice tool to have. It saves a lot of grunt work and enables one to do a much better job. At least it is true for a writer and for keeping a mailing list up to date.

But, there is this constant desire somehow created in us computer users, to get us to upgrade to a faster and more powerful computer. If we do that, then we'll want to upgrade all our software too. This can mean a lot of bucks. It's fine if you got lots of bucks. But to go into debt (that's what they want us to do) keeps us behind the 8-ball.

So what the heck do we do? By some unknown means I've held myself back from spending my small stash of savings on upgrading ... so far. By waiting I'll soon be able to afford to upgrade about half way to the latest state-of-the-arts model for a very low price. I may do it. But there is something nagging in my mind that says don't do it! I think it's an addiction I'm trying to get out of, not get deeper into.

Then there is the "Internet." They paint a pretty picture about how much fun it is and how we soon won't hardly be able to live without it.

Looking into it on first glance makes it look almost free. But it would probably soon induce a person to upgrade at least to a 486. Then after one gets on line there are probably a bunch more hidden costs that will constantly nibble away at my savings. I just don't trust the big $hots who do, or soon will, control the Internet!


Now there is a gas station chain called "Freedom." Some years ago I noticed a "Freedom Battery" and a "Freedom Bra." I suppose they are using "Freedom" as trade marks on other items too.

The meanings of important words get diluted when we use them to mean something entirely different. They lose their potency. Soon people won't even remember what the word "Freedom" means to us. Some have already forgotten what Freedom is! Most people imagine they already have Liberty and Freedom. They put it in their gas tank this morning!

Many years ago they gave people the "Liberty Nickel" (a 5 cent piece). They called a magazine, "Liberty Magazine." As I recall, it had nothing about Freedom or Liberty in it.

Oh, they are a tricky bunch ... the Ruling Class! But they have had centuries of practice. They were brought up and trained by parents who knew how to rule slaves.

You don't hear or read the word "slave" much anymore except in the underground papers. You might hear a mechanic talk about a brake slave-cylinder. The word "slave" was not in my Microsoft Word dictionary. I had to add it. Can you see how the Establishment tries to take the Power and even the memory of certain words away from us. Even the meaning of the ERA women's freedom movement got sucked away by the ERA real estate signs and advertisements you see.

You don't see the term "underground paper" much anymore either. That has been replaced with "zine," a very harmless word. They take the POWER out the words that describe our thoughts of escape from wage-slavery, or remove the words entirely.

This was all predicted years ago in the books, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley and "1984" by George Orwell.

What can we do about this destruction of our inspiring words? For one thing we can boycott all products using names like Freedom. If the boycott caught on, it might push the product off the market. I can stop diluting the meaning of "Underground" by not using the word "zine" in my paper.

Most people think there is not a conspiracy against the wage-slaves. That, I think, is a strong part of the subliminal mind-conditioning in the mass media. If we avoid the mass media we will miss most of the mind conditioning that takes the Power from our "Freedom" words. I expect they prefer to keep us as contented wage-slaves always striving to buy more shinny machines, more powerful computers and big houses on credit, so that we will be indentured to work for them. That used to be called indentured slavery! Now it is called small loans or mortgages . . . harmless little unthreatening sounds, eh?


I ran into an old friend the other day when I went to Minneapolis. He was disgusted with the local bureaucrats who had been harassing him in his business.

I knew he was very successful in his business. He is probably in his late forties. I asked him why he didn't retire and get away from all that grief. He said he did retire a few years ago but he couldn't stand it. He said he couldn't keep himself busy enough and got bored and went back into his business.

If people who can afford to retire would read Norman Vincent Peale's book, "The Power of Positive Thinking and John A. Schindler's book "How to Live 365 Days a Year," they would know better how to control their emotions, i.e., their lives.

Boredom is a feeling, an emotion, as is fear, anger, love and joy. Learning how to control these feelings is far more important to a thinking person than gaining more success in business. Better to be a live happy person than a dead rich one.

It takes some quiet time too, to see how, not only the world is run, but to see how our thinking process works. And to experiment with learning how to be in control of it. When we figure out the secret of controlling our thoughts we are then in control of our emotions, i.e., our feelings.

Are We Fully Awake?

We are not really awake or really alive until we learn this trick of knowing how to control our thinking. Most people go through their whole life allowing what they see, hear, touch, smell and taste, lead their thoughts. They never learn to lead and control their own thinking process. Our thinking is about all that differentiates us from vegetables or slaves. I'm beginning to learn a few little tricks on controlling my thinking process but I keep myself too busy to learn more.

When we really take the time to learn how to control our thinking process, I think we will be able to recognize slavery and find it ... totally unacceptable!

You're Needed!

The world badly needs people who can retire early ... who still have most of their marbles intact, to help with the worlds biggest remodeling job. We need some more good brains working on changing the economic system into one that will work for all people. Like Bucky Fuller said, "We need to be playing a Game where everyone is a winner."

I think the Priceless Economic System is such a Game. You may invent an even better Game. But the PES would certainly be a better game for everyone than the Profit Game is. We need more minds working on how to get the PES started.

I have certainly not been bored in the 26 years I have been retired. I try to play for a while when I get discouraged with this world saving work and it doesn't take long before some good new ideas pop into my head and I start promoting the PES again.

You may think it better to help in the task of feeding the poor, saving the animals, working the bio-region plan, stopping war or some other good cause where you can see more results from your efforts.

But don't you see that the solutions to all of these immediate problems will fall into place as soon as we quit using the PROFIT motive to run our Earth. Then it will make no sense ($) to do these bad things to our Earth and to people.

Divide and Rule

The Establishment uses this trick to keep us divided and thereby powerless to make the change to Freedom.

It isn't difficult for them to prod and irritate us with one of the many arms of their thousand tentacled monster called Profit. Then we fight that one tentacle.

Think what an impact it will make when each of the tentacle fighters drop the tentacle they are fighting and all start chopping on the brain of this Profit monster. It will then die a very quick death.

Before we can be effective in making change in this world we need to wake-up to how the Game is played. Become aware of the "Divide & Rule" trick.

They divide us slaves in all kinds of ways to keep us from cooperating to gain all our Freedom.

They divide the whites against the blacks, women against men, children against parents, Chinese against Japanese, plant eaters against meat eaters, no-choice against pro-choice and many other divisions.

We also need to become aware of Caesar's trick, "Give the slaves bread and circus and they won't rebel." The O.J. Simpson and the wars are examples of circuses and of course the news is one continuous circus. The TV and all the other mass media are ongoing circuses to keep the slaves too busy to even stop to ask if they are getting their fair share of the Profit that their slave-master makes from their work. They don't even know that they have a right to the products of their labor.

But of course slaves have no rights. Only the rights that they take for themselves.

If we wish to be effective in helping to make change for the betterment of LIFE we had better stop chipping away at the tentacles of the monstrous SLAVE DRIVER and each one of us go for the brain of the monster. Then we'll succeed.

No Chopping

Actually we can then leave our axes (anger) behind and instead of fighting the monster we will starve its brain to a quick and painless death. The Profit monster feeds on our fear, our anger and on our labor.

Each one of us is important in making the change-over to a Priceless Economic System. Each one of us in our own individual way can help in making this change-over.

We need to first understand how this Slave & Master Game is played and then start playing the new PES Game as much as we can in our present mode of life. To be successful we got to stop absorbing the slave drivers control tool, the mass media. Then we start thinking for ourselves. We then start taking the long term view of our actions. We look ahead and ask our self, "What will happen years from now if I do such and such?"

We got to continue to play the Game as we are doing now in order to keep food in our bellies. But gradually we need to find ways to give less and less of our labor to the Profit System and continuously learn ways to keep more of the efforts of our labor for our self and our family.

But you won't be a valuable part of this Big Change-over if you continue to waste your time being entertained.


This is the Circus idea again. Just by holding the slaves' attention for X number of minutes or hours, that is X number of minutes or hours that the slaves are not planning their escape to Freedom. And then if the entertainment (circus) is emotionally exhausting enough, the slaves will be too wore out to even think of escape for some time.

They have another cute trick. They encourage people to smoke pot and do other drugs by passing laws against them. When people are stoned, tripping on other drugs or even high on alcohol they are really not very effective in solving their slavery problem. They may think that they are thinking very profound thoughts but they are fooling themselves.

I have been high on pot or other hallucinatory drugs and did what I thought at the time was some very profound writing. But the next day after I had come down from the drugs, I read my writing and discovered it to be trash and threw it away. The drugs sure had me fooled.

The Establishment uses the old, "You can't have it!" trick to get people to waste part or all of their Free time doing the "no-nos." Does this then become a safe channel to divert people's rebelion? Besides they have the drugs priced so high that people are kept broke and at their slave job forever.

There is only 24 hours of time to regulate each day. About a third of it is already taken care of by sleep. Another third is taken up by work, i.e., slavery, this is what they want from us. So the slave masters only have to divert our attention for less than eight hours per day. Much of that time is already taken care of by eating and cleaning. They manage to steal what little free time we have left with their mass media entertainment.

Can you now see that our first step to escape from slavery, is based on our ability to stop absorbing the mass media and drugs?

Talk to Each Other

If we now use our old mass-media-time to think and talk with each other, we will start learning more tricks of being Free. Then we can learn to get more of the profit from our work.

My Sixth River Trip

This is the last in a series of my previous attempts to travel the Mississippi to New Orleans.

This took place a year or so after my attempt to sail to New O. from Minneapolis.

I decided I would try to motor to New O. I went to the Lilydale Marina where I had ended my last trip and asked if the marina had any motor yachts to sell.

Brown thought for a while and said he had a 16 foot fiberglass motor boat with a cuddy cabin that he got for non-payment of storage fees that he would sell me for $200.

I looked it over good. It was up on blocks. It looked sturdy. A heavy fiberglass hull built in Florida. I bought it with the understanding that he would launch it for me and give me free dockage for one month. He agreed.

He said it was built for two 50 h.p. outboards. I figured that they would take too much gas for such a long trip. I looked for one 15 h.p. outboard. I finally found an old Evinrude that I bought for $150 (or somewhere around there) that ran good. I was living aboard most of the time for about a month while searching for a motor and building a shelter around the steering position while tied up at the slip.

I would often fry a T-bone steak on my little one burner Primas propane stove and enjoy that on board. That was real living!

That was a wonderful time. I didn't own a car and I walked a lot. I was living in an unfinished basement (Unfit for human habitation, the city would have said, if someone had squealed on me.) in a near downtown slum area in Minneapolis. I had quite a bit of money them days, but was reluctant to spend much. I was only paying $50/mo. rent.

I would take a bus from Mpls. to St. Paul and walk along the river to Lilydale. It was always such a peaceful walk. Lots of trees and birds along the way. I found some wild grapes that were ripe and enjoyed eating them on my walks to and from St. Paul.

It was around the middle of October when I shoved off for New Orleans. The same lady friend who accompanied me on most of the other trips decided to come along. We left on a chilly drizzling day. We headed down stream toward New O. at the cruising speed of the 15 horse Evinrude, which wasn't very fast. We were secure under the bimini and wind break I had rigged. But it was a chilly and glumly day.

I had only a couple of 5 gallon gas tanks along and we tried to stop to buy more gas, but most of the marinas were already closed for the season. After about three hours of cruising downstream we found one still open and refilled both tanks. After paying about $9.00 for the gas I got to figuring it was going to cost me at least a thousand dollars to get to New Orleans. Well, that didn't seem prudent so we turned the boat back upstream toward Lilydale, Minnesota.

When we got there I called an old buddy of mine and asked him how he would like to buy a motor boat with a cuddy cabin for $350, including the motor. He jumped at the chance and drove right down to the Marina.

I took him for a little ride up the river to the Mandota Bridge and back and he bought it. I threw in the case of beer and some other stuff that was on board.

He was going to take the boat up to his lake cabin. That ended that attempt at Old Man River. Next time I think I'll start at Baton Rouge.

Book Review

TIME GLADIATOR, Mack Renolds, Lancer Books, 1969. Mack is a very unique author. In most of his books he sets up a different political-economic system in the background of an interesting and exciting science fiction story.

I have read 39 of his books so far ... most of his books, I guess.

Mack had moved to Mexico. Said he couldn't afford to live in the U.S.A.

Anyway, in this book the masses had all been replaced by automation and given a fixed annual income. They spent all their time, "in front of the bub-tube, sucking on tranqs." Even the ruling class were going to pot and disintegrating. It is an interesting look at what could happen to us.

Underground Papers

NEW WORLD RISING, Fred Fratiello, Box 33, 71 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906 (Donation) #23 was an 8 page tabloid. The format was a collage of graphics and print. Lots of concerned people writing in about mother earth, leaving their names and addresses. They seem like people who see a need for change and desire a way to do it.

KOMBAT, Anthony Jankowski, Box 20311, Indianapolis, IN 46220-0311 ($2.50) #12 had 43 pages. An easy to read, well laid out underground paper with graphics. Letters from readers with responses. Articles reveal what's wrong in the System. If you don't believe there is a conspiracy against the working people, you need to read this.

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