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Book Reviews

THE LAST MOUNTAIN MEN, Harold Peterson, 1975, Belmont Tower Books. This book is an interesting and detailed story of a man who found ways to be self-sufficient and take care of almost all of his needs. He lived away from people and rarely had visitors or made the long trip into town. It shows how a good life can be had with very little money.
THE GOD PROJECT, Stan Lee, 1990, Grove Weidenfeld publisher. An interesting exciting spy expose` on government. On page 386, Halliday, the President said, "We lie, we manipulate, we cheat, we con. Every politician in this country is bought and paid for, and that includes me."
One reason why this expose` of government was allowed to be published, I think, is because it contains a fear mongering clincher ... the good-guy gets assassinated. It exposes the crooks but makes people afraid to do anything about it.
SPHERE by Michael Crichton, Alfred A. Knopf publisher, 1987. This is an exciting adventure story. It deals a lot with how people think. In fact the crux of the story is about a sphere found in a time-machine. The sphere somehow changed a person and gave them direct linkage with their powerful subconscious mind. This allowed a person to manifest their thoughts into reality. If you had good thoughts stored, you created good things. If you had bad thoughts stored, you created bad things. It was almost like being a God. The sphere told people that everyone had that power but didn't realize it.
I have seen some examples of this myself. There have been a few times in my life when I thought to myself that I needed such and such. And in a few days I came across just what I had told myself I needed. Some people will say that this was just a "chance" happening. Maybe it was. A few will say that there is a Universal mind network. Some will say it was God answering a prayer. I don't know what it is but I think I'll put more time into experimenting with the phenomena and see if I can figure out how to make it work. I hope I can remember to do this. Something tells me that it is vital to learn this secret.
Some people think that thinking bad thoughts really manifests bad happenings in the thinkers own life. It sure looks like that to me too.
THE POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING by Norman Vincent Peale, 1952. I read it 30 or 40 years ago and found it again at a garage sale and am now reading it again. A terrific book. It talks about manifesting ones desires as does SPHERE, It could be called a "guide-book" on manifesting, but it uses the word God instead of subconscious.
It is quit religious but for unreligious people, just substitute the word subconscious, higher self, ones essence or your own term; for the word "God" and you can derive much good inspiration and common sense from Peale. It offers ways to reach that Power that we all have private access to.
THE LONG WALK (A Gamble for Life), Slavomir Rawicz, Harper & Row, 1956. His true life experience as a Polish army lieutenant. He was taken by the Russians in 1939. He was unjustly accused of being a spy and tortured to get him to sign an untrue "Confession." It details the torture he suffered along with 5,000 other captive Czechs, Poles, Fins, Latvians, Yugoslavs, Lithuanians, Americans, Estonians and others.
He tells what life was like being packed shoulder to shoulder standing in boxcars on a 3,000 mile trip. He tells of the additional 1,000 mile walk they, all chained together, had to make in winter to arrive in northern Siberia at a prison work-camp. (Prisons very often have very real slave-labor factories even in the U.S.A.)
Hero worship is strongest where there is least regard for human freedom. Herbert Spencer (7 pages of "sports" heros in the Star Tribune.)
He also tells a very descriptive and interesting story about his eventual escape.
It is a book well worth reading. It helps to remind us of what war is really like. We had just better remember so that we won't fall victim to it again, when the government starts another draft or/and advertises to entice young people to "Be more than you are." (Become a paid legal murderer!)
This book reminds us of just one little horrible phase of War. There are plenty of others. Just ask a one armed Veteran!
If you have studied the PES you can see that wars are unnecessary, so let's do all that we can as individuals to change the system so that there is no longer a reason to start wars.
There is no end to the number of ways certain people make huge Profits in wars. Let's get rid of the Profit System. Just look at how they are killing people in Yugoslavia. You can bet your bottom dollar that someone is or will make some huge Profits from this "skirmish."

What is War Like?

"War is Hell!" War is not good for the people who are being killed, wounded or forced to flee from their homes. This includes the people who were forced or lured into wearing a uniform.
The civilians being killed don't like it. No matter what country they live in, they have feelings just like you and me. No matter the color of their skin or how primitive they may look to us ... they have as much right to enjoy life and not have to worry about being shot at or bombed as you do. Let's face it: War is primarily, and always has been, the cold-blooded murdering of human beings. The victims are just like you and me. They would rather be home tending to their families, gardens, jobs, joys and loves. And why shouldn't they?
Who has a right to murder them? If you allow a group of psychopaths calling themselves "Government" to start a war or an invasion of any kind for any purpose ... then you are condoning this mass-murdering of your fellow human beings.
If there is a God, where do you think you stand on his list, if you allow Government (and pay their way) to send our young men (and now women also) out with guns to do murder? "Thou shalt not kill!" Remember?


They keep us distracted from reality by calling a war; a religious, ethnic or civil-war, as camouflage, like in Yugoslavia, to try to make us think it is a "just war." Everyone falls for this cover-up and sympathizes with the underdog. No one stops to question who the Profiteers are who sent in the agitators to stir up the people and arm them and get it started. In a Priceless System there would be no Profit in starting wars.
I don't know which group in government has the psychopaths. Our little government in Little Falls seem to have all very nice people, even the policemen. Actually I didn't see any psychopaths in the Minneapolis government in the 40 years I lived there. I saw the government wasting our tax dollars in everything they touched in Mpls. They don't seem as wasteful here in LF.
Perhaps the government psychopaths hang-out in the Pentagon. It figures ... they are lop-sided people ... they would be happy in a lop-sided building.

After War

I interviewed a German lady who was three years old when WWll ended. Her small mining town (1,600 population) didn't get bombed much but she said that they were very short of food when she was little. She said her mother would have to walk out into the country and beg for food for her family and would sometimes be gone for a week before she got some. She said all they had to eat sometimes was cabbage soup.
Her father told her that some of the American soldiers did some very mean things to the Germans during the occupation. Wars make people do insane things. The hate lingers even after it is over.
She told me we must dig out the roots of war instead of cutting it off at the surface level. War has always grown back in 20 years or so.
I told her that the root of war is called Profit. That is what we have to dig up and get rid of. She agreed. If we plant enough PES, it will smother out the very roots of the Profit System.

The Wise Ones?

We older people are supposed to be the wise ones! But we are a bunch of weak-livered pussies. We are so well indoctrinated with fear that we dare not say or do anything to put a stop to this psychopathic-insanity called WAR! Perhaps the main reasons why people keep still about this, is not only that we have been made to believe that war is inevitable, but that we have made ourselves DEPENDENT on the Profit System.
Most people have got themselves so deeply in debt that they fear to make waves against the system, thinking that they may get fired and not be able to get another job and consequently lose everything that they owe money on. They got'cha, if you owe money! There is a real danger of getting fired in the Profit System.
If you wish more Freedom to do what you think is right, then the first thing to do is to get yourself out of debt. Sell everything that you owe money on and pay off your debts. If you can't sell it, give it back to the loan sharks. It will mean a bad credit record. So much the better ... then you can't charge things any more or take out another loan.
Just see how good you feel when you don't have all those maggots chewing on you all the time. What a relaxed feeling. Oh, how good life can be!
People without debts and a little reserve cash, can and do, tell their boss to piss-off if they feel like it. If they have good skill and are good workers, the boss must treat them a lot better to keep them.
When you save up your money, to pay cash for things, then you evaluate your desires more and ask yourself, "Is this thing I want to buy worth the hours of my life it will take to pay for it?" Then you will no longer have the burden of interest to pay. You get nothing for the interest you pay except enslavement to a loan (mortgage). The same is true for a car loan, only more so. The interest on car loans is very deceiving. It is much higher than they advertise. They charge interest by the month. On a house they charge by the year.
People who buy a new car are really "stuck-Royal." They pay more for a new car than we used to pay for a house. (In a small town 100 miles or more from a large city you can still buy a house for less than a new car.)
What insanity! Going deeply into debt to buy expensive transportation, so that you can get a job good enough to make these high car payments. How can we be so stupid? I'll tell you. We have been conditioned to think that a new shinny undented unscratched car is a very high status symbol. Because of our competitive-training we think we must have a better new car than our friends and neighbors ... to make us feel good. As long as we remain a "sucker" to competitive conditioning, we are "hooked" into wage-slavery.

Beat the Game

To become more independent, reduce your expenses and attempt to learn the skills needed to make more money. Learning to live well on less, means more money for savings and thus more wise investments. Investments in an area where you have some expertise and control will help to insure a very early retirement for you from the Rat Race.
Then you can experience 24 hours a day of Freedom to do as you please with your time (life) while you are still young and spry enough to enjoy it. You do not have to be a slave until you are 65. Believe me, it is a wonderful feeling to be retired and have all this Freedom. I have had 24 years of it, since I was 42 years old.
"Money is like an arm or a leg -- use it or lose it." Henry Ford, 1931

The two years I recently spent making money again were fun too, because I managed to be my own boss in that endeavor. I made a little pile of money, invested it and retired again. It really doesn't take much money to retire if you live simply. Use the System to beat the System!
Since I retired in 1969 I have had no debts. I do not absorb the mass media, so I am not troubled by fear. I have not been afraid to talk against the government or the rich guys all these years since. I can not even remember what it was like to be fearful. That is pleasant. Consequently, I am healthier than anyone that I know. Fear and anxiety make people sick. It makes them tense and reduces their resistance. So, if you wish to speak-out and act for what you believe is right ... get rid of your debts and your rent. Your debts effectively tape your mouth shut!
Rent or a mortgage payment is the biggest nut you have to crack. Get rid of that and your car payments and you will have easy going. Then you are relieved of much stress and tension and will be much healthier and happier. Even the small garden (20'x50') I had in town, was a great joy to me and I raised lots of good eats.

"Better to live rich, than to die rich." Eli Johnson

As soon as you can buy a home for cash, do it, because rent is slavery too. But if you insist on a home mortgage, then pay it off with concentrated speed! But don't be a sucker and buy one of those expensive homes. A cave is a cave. If you play the Game and allow your cave to be a status symbol ... then you're screwed and tattooed. You'll never get it paid for and consequently never get Free. And that is just what they want, an indentured slave!
A newer house will most likely start falling apart before it gets paid for because they are making the newer ones so very poorly. Get a cheap old one; they were built much better and have cheaper taxes. Then you won't have to work as long to pay for it or you won't need as large an income. Fix it up yourself. Learn how from books and from experimenting. It is a fun adventure ... an experience in learning. It beats paying out money for entertainment. After you escape from the Rat Race you won't give a shit for status symbols. You won't need them any more.
Everybody used to take care of their own cave. We can too. It is vital if you wish to become independent and earn your Freedom.
Of course, you can remain glued to your TV, videos, radio, newspaper, music and games and be led around by the slave-chain you have glued to your mind. Wash off the glue ... dump the masses media! Think for yourself!


Have we been trained to expect other people (or the government) to do things for us? This has made us DEPENDENT on these others. Then we have to knuckle-in and beg to get what we want.
Whatever happened to the self-reliant people who knew how to take care of themselves? Have we become drones in a bee-hive or an ant hill? I don't know, but I do know that I'm learning ways to take care of myself. And I love the feelings of independence and satisfaction it is giving me. See my book review of "The Last Mountain Men."
When I bought my first computer about eight years ago, I had some tough learning to do. There was ecstasy and agony, but I loved it. I rediscovered the fact that; learning is fun and that, "An old dog can learn new tricks."

About a year ago I donated a large bagful of zines to our LF library. I also gave our head librarian a copy of, "Librarians at Liberty.
" The L @ L zine may have been a help in getting our library to consider a zine section. I had also given them a copy of an article, "Pushing the Zines and Libraries Boundaries" which appeared in the U. of Minn. Wilson Library Bulletin, May 1995, by Chris Dodge. This was an especially persuasive article promoting a zine section in libraries. If you would like a copy of the Dodge article, I could Xerox a copy for you if you send me a stamp. I also gave the library a copy of the MSRRT newsletter. I plan to give them my last copy of Factsheet Five.
As soon as they set up the space in our LF library I plan to donate all the zines I receive to them after I've read them. That will expose zines to more people.

Zine Reviews

LIBRARIANS AT LIBERTY, 1716 S.W. Williston Road, Gainesville, FL 32608. 16 pages ($10 yr. Low income: $5/yr) A very interesting and useful zine to help you wake up your librarians if they don't realize the value of displaying a zine section for the public. I make a copy of mine and give the original to the LF library. It is more durable than Xerox copies. I keep a copy for reference.
Just think how many more people we can reach with our zines if our home town library has a copy. I didn't put much energy in trying to persuade our head librarian. I was actually very sure that they wouldn't start one. I just provided him with a pile of zines. He did the rest. I was very surprised and elated, when he told me that he was planning a space.
MSRRT NEWSLETTER, 4645 Columbus Avenue S., Minneapolis, MN 55407 (Ten issues/year $15/yr) This would be a good one to recommend to your librarian. MSRRT might send you a sample back issue to show to your librarian. If you publish a zine, send MSRRT a copy for review.
It has lots of zine reviews. It even included LFP once, so it must not be censored.
FACTSHEET FIVE, Box 170099, San Francisco, CA 94117-0099 (sample $6 or $3.95 at newsstands) This is the very best and oldest zine directory. 128 pages with over 1,000 reviews. Be sure to have FF on your mailing list. This is a real fun catalog to explore and cheap even at $6. You will not wish to part with this but you could at least show it to your librarian. It is also on Internet.


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If each reader makes copies of this paper and passes them out and if the people who receive your copies do the same ... we will plant a lot of PES seeds.

Reprinting Permissible FREE 10-18-95 Ernest Mann

I do not recommend a violent overthrow. They have never freed the slaves. It is, "fighting fire with fire." I try to show people how to free themselves from the Profit System, i.e., how to escape from it. Those who don't wish to escape can stay in it and play the Profit/Slave Game. There is plenty of room on this grand old Earth for both of us. Just travel around a bit and you will see all the vacant space.
 He is a cataloger at the Hennepin County Library in Minneapolis. He is also co-editor with Jan DeSirey of the MSRRT Newsletter.