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(YOUNG PEOPLE'S SECTION) How to Be a Winner!

Are you getting all that you want from life? If not, here is a way that may help you discover what you are doing wrong.
Begin to keep a little note pad and pen with you at all times. Every time you spend even one penny, mark down what it was for and how much you spent. (Of course, I have told you many times to destroy all your credit cards.) Keep track of all you spend, for at least a month or more. Then add up all similar items and see what it tells you. As an example, take the total expenditures for; cigarettes, beer, wine, booze, pot, other drugs, gambling and other recreation. Then ask yourself if that lump of money could have helped you get some of the things that you really want in life.
Then make an estimate of how much time it took you to procure and consume those items. Then figure out how much time you were spaced-out and how much time (and misery) it took to come-down. Add up all this time and ask yourself if you could have found a way to use that same time to help you get to where you wish to get in life.

What Do You Want?

Do you have any idea of what you would like to achieve? Or the kind of work you would like to be doing? There are vocational counselling books that will tell you what all jobs are like, what they pay, skills required, advancement possibilities, etc.
There are tests you can take that may reveal some abilities you have that you are not aware of. They may steer you into some new possibilities for making your pile of money.
After a careful study of what is available and of what you can do ... make a decision. Choose a type of work and begin preparing for it. Even a wrong choice is far better than no choice at all, because it gets you started. If you find it was the wrong choice you can always change. Even with a wrong choice you learn something. Learning what not to do is also valuable and will save you time later in life.
People who achieve what they desire in life are the ones who make a plan for their advancement and always look for ways to improve that plan and keep at it. They don't waste their time and money on the diversions that the mass media constantly recommends as the in-things to be doing.
Learning to become successful becomes their recreation. They discover that learning gives really good feelings. One becomes proud of ones self. I know! I went through it eight years ago when I taught myself how to run a computer and Microsoft Word word processor and Q & A database.
When you divorce yourself from TV, videos and the rest of the mass media you will have a lot more free time to mold your life into what you would like it to be.
Libraries have a tremendous amount of helpful information that is totally free and they also offer a quiet place to study. Some used book stores also have information books that could be very useful to you. You may need to buy a book new occasionally. With these information sources you can gain more and much faster than you could with a $50,000 college course. With these sources of books you are not forced to read unusable, redundant and make-work stuff, nor putter along with the slow-pokes. You can choose to read and learn only what you desire. That is what Thomas Edison did. It worked just fine for him.
It is a good idea to make an appointment with a successful person who is doing the kind of work that you think you'd like to learn. Most successful people will be happy to take the time to talk about their work, to help someone along. Do your homework and have a list of intelligent questions to get some insights that books couldn't tell you.
With what you can learn from reading and observing you may be able to start your own business or work for a small company where they are interested in what you can do, not in what a diploma or a degree says you can do.
You may be able to persuade an employer to take you on as a helper or as an apprentice and learn skills that way ... and actually get paid while learning. Helpers and apprentices don't get paid much but it's better than paying money to learn. Then you learn from experts, not from teachers who couldn't cut the mustard in the real world.

I Did It

I read all the books I could find on my work and tried out all their ideas and I made enough money to support myself, my wife and three kids.
I looked about me and noticed that some of my clients were making more money than I was. So I watched to see how they did it. Then I started using their methods and began making a lot more money.
I had no teacher to tell me how to retire at a young age. It never occurred to me that I would or could. Then one day I got my fill of the government's invasion of Vietnam. Year after year I had watched the government wasting my tax dollars. With the cumulative effect of this and then all the killing that our government forced our boys to do in Vietnam ... broke this camel's back. I could then see the government in a clear light. They appeared to be a bunch of gangsters taking orders from the super-rich people. I got real angry. I retired and vowed I would not give government my vote nor my money to support it. I did it legally. I reduced my taxable income to the point where I didn't need to pay income taxes any more. Oh, they still get me for sales and hidden taxes but that is all.
I retired at age 42 in 1969. Now after 24 years of Freedom from the Rat Race (I recently got back in for two years and made some more money) I see that I could have retired at a much younger age. It takes only a few street-smarts to live on less and enjoy it more.


Successful drop-outs learn to develop and trust their own self instead of a government, welfare, parents, hand-outs, boss or religion. We either become our own savior or we just don't get Free. When you put your trust outside yourself ... you become a slave to; it, them or whatever. We each choose to be a slave or to become Free!
A slave works and wastes his/her spare time and money and therefore must work forever.
People who are trying to get Free; work, save and put that money to work making more money. They don't borrow money! If they owe money, they lose independence. When they have some surplus cash, they can get bargains. They study and make themselves richer and soon have made enough money to retire and have 100% of their time for themselves.
However, most people who learn how to win in the money game get hooked and enjoy winning. Instead of retiring and taking their Freedom, they continue playing and piling up far more money than they will ever need. They never figure out what life is really all about. They just think that life is just making and spending money. How sad. They don't take the time and effort to see what the Profit System is doing to people and to their environment. They cannot have the Profit Game and a stable environment. The two are incompatible.
The Profit System is destroying our life-support systems. It is causing species to become extinct and eventually the homo sapiens will follow. We can hardly afford that.
People who have trapped themselves into the Profit Game cannot learn the peace and joys of Freedom. They are caught-up in the hurry, hurry, hurry dance. They had the skill to lay this trap, therefore they have the skill to remove it, if they set their minds to the task.
We each have a choice. The less-bright people absorb the mass media and conform to its many suggestions. They are running-scarred from all the fear-mongering. They are afraid to be different! They never learn to think. It is so much easier to allow the media to lead their thinking and music to set their moods, i.e., how they feel. They never discover that elusive idea called Freedom.


According to Random House dictionary; wisdom is, "knowledge of what is true or right coupled with good judgment."
You may be surprised what you can learn from old people. If they are still alive it speaks well for them. They must have done a few things right. I've found that each one of them has some wisdom that they gladly share, if they are asked. They feel honored and useful if they think someone values information they have or for their opinion on something. Most old people have tried out thousands of things and discovered some that work best.
You can proceed much faster on your quest for success if you don't have to re-invent the wheel with each step up the ladder.
Us old codgers may be able to tell you some short cuts and "tricks of the trade" that we have learned the hard way. We now have nothing to lose by telling you. We are out of the competition. We only gain good feelings by thinking that we are helping someone. It makes us think that we are smart. That makes us feel good too.
If you question your own parents and grandparents and let them know how you appreciate their information ... they will then realize what a smart kid you are. Most kids act like they know it all already and thereby show how dumb they are. Old people can remember when they were in that stage of development.
If you can help your old folks keep their minds and bodies active you may keep them out of a nursing home. Also when they keep busy they don't feel lonely and are less sickly.

Letter to the Editor

Dear Ernest, This is a communication from one Freedom seeker to another. I've read and enjoyed copies of the Little Free Press for years now, copies handed down to me by a little bird (a long time correspondent of yours), and now I think, its high time I wrote myself and made copies of LFP to give to my friends!
I find the LFP chock full of truth and inspiration. Let others call you a dreamer, Ernest: you actually live what you dream about, "creating more Freedom for yourself." I hope you don't really believe putting out the LFP is a "thankless pursuit" -- by telling others of your experiences, you just might inspire another to do likewise. Call it the power of example. By the way, I find your stories of how you live your day to day life the best part of the zine. (Now don't winch -- I know you've heard this before!) So, they are "entertaining" -- you could do worse! They are so, in the "right" way, to inspire others and validate yourself (which is all we all have anyway), not to make others forget about the misery of their lives and fall into mere inaction.
I'm 23 and just moved down to Florida. Now I've gone from student drone to being a worker drone, slaving in a large office sweat shop for a corporation. But this is largely by choice, but a fear driven choice, half irrational fear and half real fear (my, how will I ever make ends meet). I have the awareness of my perilous situation, but not the practical knowledge or street smarts to break away from the work-spend-work cycle. Well, I might just be making excuses. The reality of me having a job and being on my own is still a novel one, and not yet intolerable.
I guess I just have to reach out more and keep communicating with others who have a little bit of Freedom. I don't know, I just don't feel I have much control over my life right now. (Personal aside: I was sent down here to go to a "treatment" center, for back home I sensed how dismal my future was and instead of fighting inertia gave in to it: I was drinking and isolating and generally very miserable. Yet it was ultimately a voluntary move, to get professional help. All they really do is hand you over to 12-step groups which have both sinister and wonderful aspects, from this anarchist's perspective.)
Keep up the good, uh, work with the writing and the trailer maintenance. I hope at your age I have only a fraction of the Freedom you enjoy. I'll be very lucky indeed! But I know I'll have to use my brain and courage to get there!
C.S. Florida

Editor's comment:
Thank you. I think you have given me good reasons to continue to mention some of my adventures and daily life.
Make some money. Save some and invest it into something you have expertise in and control over and you'll soon be able to retire.
Being already aware, at your young age, of how things are and of the Freedom you can get ... my guess is that you, will get more Freedom than me and will get it much sooner than I did. I was 40 before I even started to think about Freedom. Go for it!

My Life

I made a list of repair jobs that need to be done on this 12'x50' two bedroom mobile home that I recently bought and moved into. I keep adding jobs to the list and marking off jobs I've completed. I gave the jobs priority ratings and have most of the high priority jobs completed. Most of the remaining jobs are inside jobs and can be done at my leisure this winter.
A coincidence? This trailer home was built the year I dropped-out, 1969. Several sailboats I've looked at were built that year too. That was a good year for me.
I hope to buy a cheap row-boat and trailer this fall. They should be at their cheapest now at the end of the boating season. There was a boat, motor and trailer in the paper last week for $195. I called them but it was sold already.
I'm going to check with the D.N.R. (Department of Natural Resources) and see if they can tell me of any unpolluted lakes nearby where the fish can be eaten daily. In many of our 10,000 Minnesota lakes, the fish can be eaten only once a month because of the high poison content of the fish.
(Some successful money making friends of mine, choose to disregard this fact and think that the government has the polluters under control and that everything is getting better. I ask them, "What about when all the fish are too poisoned to eat or are all extinct?" They reply, "We'll eat something else instead!" They wear blinders and they won't take them off!
The thing is ... they are busy making money and dare not give time to these thoughts because then they would get out-of-step and not make as much money. Also they may not wish to dig into this mess, called the Profit System, because they may have some hidden fear that they would have to quit doing what they are doing. People hate to change. It's a lot of work to change and there is the fear of the unknowns that may lie up ahead for them.)
I don't think I'll buy an outboard motor. Instead I'll row. It is good exercise. Actually it is a real rowing-machine, only it takes you fishing.
Later, I'll build the rowboat into a sailboat. Just put a mast at the bow seat and have a catboat. Building a rudder and lee boards will be easy. I'll try to find a book on sail making. I just don't understand how they design a sail so that it has a belly in it, i.e., an airfoil shape.
I may eventually go so far as build a little cabin in the boat to sleep and cook in. This feels like a real fun project to keep me busy up here in Minnesota while my 17 year old grandson is with me.
I won't attempt to make it look like the latest design. Just make an enclosure for two bunks and a little place to cook.
The funkier the better as far as I'm concerned. I don't have a need to impress people any more. Even a bath tub will sail if it has enough floatation. (When I was in the Rat Race I would buy new cars to make people think I was a successful hot shot. I fooled some of 'em. It took me three years to pay for the damn things. What a waste of my money that was!)
I'll have at least a year to fish and sail our 10,000 lakes. I may miss a few of them. Eventually I hope to do the same thing on the seven seas.
If you don't have a dream ... you can't succeed! If you can't suc ceed ... suc eggs! Ha, ha.

Computer Desk

I bought a kitchen table at a yard sale some time ago for $7 to use as a computer desk. I clamped a 2x4 under the center of it for additional strength. It has worked fine, but I had printer paper, manuals, correspondence, etc. scattered all over ... under chairs, lamp tables, etc. So I built two and one half shelves to put over the computer and dot matrix printer. I keep the huge and heavy heavy ancient H.P. Laserjet printer under the table/desk. We have a swell lumber supplier here in LF. Marv's Wood Products stocks odd lots of lumber at lower prices. I bought one 12"x3/4"x8' board that was already finished on the two wide sides and on one edge. It has a black semi-gloss finish. Marv even cut it up for me along with some 1x2's to screw the shelves to. The two shelves are 40" wide x 12" deep and the half shelf over the printer is 18" wide. I built it from only one 8' board plus a 28" board and 10 1/3' of 1x2's. I also got a strip of plywood to back the two top shelves to give it more stability. I also put a 40" 1x2 along the bottom in the rear.
I fastened this all together with 1 1/2" square drive head screws with my multi-speed electric drill.
It didn't take long to throw it all together because I had Marv do all the cutting on his electric saw.
The lumber and cutting cost me only $9.59. Now I have a great computer work space.

Underground Railroad

Perhaps the LFP is part of an unorganized underground-railroad like they had before the Civil War ... to help the slaves escape.
The internet could speed-up this railroad ... to the speed of light! The copy machine was our big kick-off. Then came the computer and now that train is really rolling. Will internet really get it off the ground? I sure hope so. We have been ignorant slaves toooooo long.
People have a choice ... to use internet for gossip, games and greed or to educate people about their entrenchment in slavery and show them ways to escape it.


A dedicated reader from Florida put my two books, I WAS ROBOT and FREE I GOT, on internet. They are available to anyone, to download, free of charge. They are LOCATED AT: ftp, THE DIRECTORY IS: pub/Politics/Essays THE FILES ARE: freeigot.txt.gz and irobot.txt.gz.
Back Issues: It would be helpful if someone would put all the LFP back issues from #91 through the current issue on internet so that anyone in the world, who has access to internet, could get them free of charge and not even have postage to pay. If you wish to do this, I'll send you the back issues on disk.
This would allow lots more people to learn about the Priceless Economic System. If we can make the PES common knowledge, then there would be a chance for it to be adopted. The PES would end the reason for wars, polluting, stealing and starving. Would that be worth a little effort?

Little Falls Library

Our library is starting a section for zines that are donated. So if you would like to have your zine available in a library, (LF has a 7,374 population) send some back issues to: Carnage Library, 108 N.E. 3rd Street, Little Falls, MN 56345.


Look here! If you don't believe in the PES enough to make copies of the LFP and pass them around, then please please get off-my-back and cancel your subscription to the LFP. I'll happily refund your postage.
I'm 68 years too old to waste my remaining life away, entertaining anyone (and for free at that).
My subscriber list is very small. It is so small, in fact, that I sometimes wonder if most of the people on it are actually working in one spy department or another of the government and all the other subversive groups that are pushing for one ism or another. Wouldn't that be ONE BIG JOKE on poor old innocent do-gooder me? What a waste of the last 26 years of my old life. I know for certain, of at least one person in that category. He never prints anything about the PES in his zine. His ism is a little bit different.
I do hope that there are at least a few innocent non-spy readers out there who are helping to promote the PES (like the reader in Fl. who put my two books on internet).
I know that the PES is a good idea. It has been working for me for the past 26 years. I have far more Freedom in my writing than do writers who must please an editor, publisher and readers. When you take pay, you must obey!
I can write how, when, where and what I please. Why? I write for my own good reasons ... not for money. I give it to who ever I please. I withhold it, if I please. Therefore my work of writing and publishing is more fun now, than when I had to please people. Now I write only what I sincerely believe to be truth. Hoping to help create a better system for all people. That incidentally includes me and my kids and friends. So, I have a selfish motive for promoting the PES. Now, you know what a selfish person I am! I am not an altruist!
I live the PES as much as I can. If you desire the Priceless Economic System, you will have to act on it! Start using it now! Be an example as much as you can.

Free Is Power!

After you have built up a little surplus money and get a little feeling of security ... try giving some of your skill or products away, free of charge (not barter). That is what the PES is all about.
Note the Power you get over the situation when you work for free. You can no longer be bossed around, insulted or haggled. Then you have the Power to give or not to give. The receiver dares not bite the hand that gives (or he/she won't get).
It is a bit of a strange and glorious feeling to have Power over your own labor ... for a change.
You have got to try the PES to see how good it feels. It's like sex ... you got to try it before you knock it! It will enrich your life and happiness.
If a simple farm boy like me can do it, you can certainly do it even better! "Where there is a will, there is a way." You merely need to exert the will, e.g., I will find the way to take my Freedom, or I will continue to allow the Profit System to kick the ladder right out from under me, i.e., to destroy my species. Take your choice!

Zine Reviews

DRIFT, Clif Kennedy, Box 40, 90 Shuter St, Toronto, Ont., Canada M5B 2K6. (Send Clif at least a dollar as his postage was 52 cents.) #75 was an unusual zine. Part looked like it was hand printed and I thought, "This is going to be a bitch to read." But, it read fast. It sure looked hand printed but on closer examination I found all similar letters to be identical. Someone created a computer font of a hand-printed-like alphabet. Very clever.
One article pointed out what the Canadian government is doing to the poor people. Lots of interesting and indepth zine reviews. Some neat graphics and a short story.
WELL HEALTH, Frank Bowman, 10 Corporation Street, Flint, Clywd, England CH6 5PG (tel: 01352 761857) Frank and his friends are doing a Free Flea Market. People bring things and people take things. No barter. No money. Give or/and take. They don't exactly put out a zine but if you send them a donation (it will cost them at least a dollar for postage alone), I'm sure they will send you some reprints of local news coverage of their project, etc. It sounds like they are having fun. It is really a show case for the Priceless Economic System and they have been doing it for some time.
He also sent me a short satire on Democracy which helps one see the flaw in it. It was called, "The Smug does it Democratically." It even gave cynical me a deeper insight. Ask for a copy.
They sound like good and smart people to me. They are doing something to help themselves and others, survive. They are not bitching and moaning and waiting for government to take care of them.

Book Review

ANTHEM, by Ayn Rand, 1937, Signet Books. Here is a book that tops BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984. It portrays the worst and most complete kind of a slave-world imaginable (Is our system leading to this?) but in the end it shows the awakening and escape of two slaves. A most powerful book! It gets my #10 rating! I can't recommend it enough for people who are already aware of slavery. You will see similarities already present in our System.

My Adventure Stories

If they interest you, you will find several of them embedded in back issues of the LFP.
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