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How would you like to live in a world where you could work at any job you liked and got free on-the-job training if you wanted it?

How would you like it if everyone had totally-free health care?

How would you like it if everything you wanted was free of charge?

Would you like to be without money worries and credit worries; like no rent or mortgage payments, etc.?

Would kids gain more if learning was designed to be fun?

Would you enjoy TV more without the advertising and the fear mongering that is now predominant? Same with newspapers and magazines?

Would you enjoy music more if it set a happy mood instead of the mood it sets now? What mood does most music set now? Listen carefully and become aware of it. How does it make you feel?

Would you be happier if there was no longer any reasons to start wars and revolutions?

Would you feel more secure if there was no longer a profit in polluting and raping our environment (our life-support systems)?

Would it be more fun to travel to distant lands if there was no poverty and depravation?

Would you feel safer if there was no longer a reason to steal?

If there was no longer a need for politicians and taxes -- would you like that?

There is an economic system that would give us a nearly Utopian world -- the Priceless Economic System. My books, I WAS ROBOT and FREE I GOT, go into detail to explain how the PES works and how people's doubts about the PES are unfounded. The books, explain how the PES has worked and how it is actually working now for individuals who are using it.

I struck up a conversation the other day with a young man (about 35) in a cafe half way to Minneapolis. I gave him a LFP and a few days later got a letter from him from his home town in Iowa.

He said he has his own public relations business and he has been charging on a sliding scale according to ability to pay. And for those who can't pay, he works for free. Every so often I hear of someone like this.

What People Say

When I talk to anyone about the Priceless Economic System they usually say, "It would sure be nice to have, but how can we get it?" I tell them and they say, "It can never happen." Then they go back to their regular life-routines and promptly forget about the PES.

Of course the world will not evolve to the PES as things are now. It will keep getting worse for the people who actually do the world's work. It keeps getting better for the rich folks. The continuous drive for more Profit is the cause of this. Who do you suppose controls the Profit Game?

What the world needs is a few more people to drop-out of the Rat Race and focus their thinking (or most of it) on finding a way to wake people up from their wage-slave TV-trance and get them to discussing the pros and cons of changing over to the Priceless Economic System, the oldest and most natural economic system the world has ever used. The PES was used for thousands of years until someone invented barter and then money and now credit.

Some Religious People Say

They say they don't think or talk about politics. I suppose they have been taught that God will take care of that. Well, if God gave them arms and legs to feed themselves, perhaps he gave them free-will to get their Freedom. Rather than think for themselves they allow their church leaders to control their reasoning and action. Let God do it, the leaders tell them. When there is no longer a Profit in religion, that should clean out the money-grubbers.

Take Action!

If there is to be good change for people, the good guys will have to begin taking some action. If the good guys continue to go along with things as they are, the bad guys are going to continue to make things worse for us. They continue to raise prices, but never raise wages in proportion. Your standard of living is knocked down with each price increase you experience in the stores.

They are rapidly destroying our environment and causing many species to become extinct. They are wasting our resources just to make more PROFIT! They are not really "bad" guys. They are just extra good at playing the wrong Game, the Profit Game.

Buckminster Fuller once said, "We need to be playing a Game where everyone is a winner."


But how does one break-out of the "normal" activities one is engaged in? How do you get out of the rut you are in? Daily, doing about the same things, again and again -- one week after another.

Is this plodding along and trying to keep the bills paid -- is this all there is to life? At 65, retire and two years later die? Is that all there is? NO! NO! NO! Get yourself set-up so that you can escape from this Rat Race and then you can slow down and slowly, gracefully and enjoyably discover what gives you real meaning and pleasure in life. FREE I GOT gives some ideas on how to do this and so do some of the back issues of this newsletter.

Many of us, who have already dropped-out, can now clearly see the SLAVERY we were trapped in. "When you take pay, you must obey!"

We are finding more ways to be free and are trying new ways to entertain ourselves that are free of charge. "The best things in life are free." We are discovering them. Some of us are finding joy in sharing our findings with people who are interested.

Did Lincoln free the slaves or did he just give us a new name; wage-slaves?

Most Important!

Not many people realize this yet; but this work of realizing our wage-slavery, discovering a path to individual Freedom, taking this path and teaching it -- is the most important work presented since the beginning of written history.

Priceless Economic System

In the Priceless Economic System (PES) all products and services would be free of charge because the workers would take no pay or profit. They would be working at jobs they enjoyed doing -- like hobbies. Everyone would have equal access to all products and services.

Then no one would starve or be compelled to start a revolution or a war. The PES would eliminate the need for governments and armies. This would eliminate the need for all arms production, military bases and government buildings. This would save a tremendous amount of labor and resources. Eliminating wars would end the mass destruction of property and the injury and death that wars cause. Wars are not a natural phenomena. Governments do not profit from wars. Wars are started by rich guys who wish to grab someone else's property and make more Profit and sell more guns, etc.


When there is no longer a Profit in religion there will no longer be a reason to discourage birth control. Instead, with truth promoted, people can learn that a stable population will mean more resources and more elbow-room for each of them.

No Money

With everything free there would be no reason to have money, credit or barter. This would eliminate most of the bookkeeping and many businesses. Many jobs would become unnecessary, e.g. most accounting, sales, advertising, banking, credit companies, insurance, armies, tax & bill collectors, government, politicians and lawyers.

Production would be for people instead of for Profit. The workers would produce the best quality for everyone. The natural law of supply and demand would regulate production. The workers in each area would regulate their own production by the demand for their products. There would be no need for government. This would free over 16 million workers for more interesting and productive work.

From the other businesses and jobs that there was no longer a demand for, we would get millions of additional workers for the essential jobs. Industry would reduce the working hours per work-shift and create more shifts per day or figure out some other way to give everyone a chance to participate. So that everyone who wished to, could help with desired production and get to use all those neat machines. We would focus on cutting-out work instead of creating make-work projects.


All schooling and higher education would be free for everyone. Free on-the-job training would be common.

Vocational testing would help people find a work they could excel at and enjoy. They could then choose the kind of work they liked.

Research and Development

Inventing would accelerate because there would be no monetary cost for research and development. The exciting space age would soon be upon us with no budget worries and open cooperation between inventors of all nations.

Health Care

Health care would be totally free for everyone.


Travel would be free for everyone. An easy to learn second language would enable people to communicate, understand and share ideas with people of all nationalities everywhere.

No Reason to Steal

With everything free of charge there would be no reason to steal, cheat and lie. In 1980 94% of the people in prisons and jails were in for one form or another of stealing. Some had to murder to steal what they wanted. The PES would almost empty the prisons and jails!

Family Life

With the end of money worries family life would be much happier.


In the PES there would be no reason to advertise and encourage people to over-consume. Material things would no longer be status symbols when they are free for everyone. And with no resale value on products it would only be a burden to take more than you needed.


People the world over would be happier with the Priceless Economic System, so they will desire it as soon as they learn of it and gain some hope that it could be had.


People's mental and physical labor produces all our goods and services. If people work as volunteers (without pay) there will be no monetary cost of goods and services, so they can all be given free of charge.

With the money and ownership system the world uses today, certain people can claim to own the earth's natural resources (oil, iron, coal, timber, etc.) with a piece of paper, they call a "Deed." They did not create these resources so they cannot own them unless we agree to their Game of Ownership.

It is people's labor that discovers these natural resources.

It is people's labor that drills, mines, and cuts them. It is people's labor that builds the factories and refineries. It is people's labor that invents machines and builds them and uses them to refine and produce and deliver the end products.

So when people's labor is free, then the products can be free.

When the workers give the products away for free, there will no longer be a profit, i.e., a reason to pretend to own the natural resources and the factories. So no one will own them. We'll just use them. Nature provided the resources and we built the machines and the factories and we run them.


The Priceless Economic System could be started as soon as everyone understood it and wanted it. The PES idea needs to be publicized and talked about.

In the meantime some people are practicing it. We have saved up enough resources to give all or part of our products or services away, free of charge, and we live on our reserves.

Giving instead of selling is not only more fun but it creates much more freedom. One then has control of the how, when, where, why, what and who of their work, that is, much more control of their life. That makes life more fun. One no longer feels like a wage-slave.

When everyone understands what the PES will be like, we can take a world-wide vote and then change over immediately. There will not need to be a two million dollar government fact-finding study.

People will know if they want the PES or not.

Workers will simply stop taking pay on that change-over date and give all products and services free of charge from then on.

Then workers at each place of production, will make all the decisions for their work. Otherwise they can quit giving their work at anytime.

There will be no election of delegates to run things. People with leadership abilities will be encouraged by the other workers, to undertake positions of leadership within each industry. Workers will look to leaders who have ideas that work.

Workers will not be compelled to work. Everyone will have free and equal access to all goods and services whether they work or not. So workers will have to be treated really well or they will not work.

The same with leaders; they will have to be well treated too or they will not work at leadership.


Everyone will benefit from the PES. Even the super-rich people will benefit because a slave chain has two ends. These people can then give "suggestions" instead of "orders." They won't have to "enforce" their suggestions. The super-rich will get everything for free (as they really do now) only they won't have all the hassles of maintaining their riches and power. They won't have to worry about some other rich guy grabbing their money and power. If there is no Profit in having power then it just becomes a not-wanted burden.

You Can Help

If you would like to see the world change-over to the Priceless Economic System you can help inform people of this wonderful alternative to the Wage-Slave System. Have thousands of copies made of this paper and distribute them. We first have to get the word out before we can hope for change.

You may be able to write these PES ideas up in better form. Do it! You are even welcome to author it and sign your own name and address to it to get feed-back. Or/and sell it to a magazine. It is not my idea alone. Several other people have invented the same system, but under different names. Some of the American Indians, South Sea Islanders and the Eskimos used this PES system successfully for hundreds of thousands of years before money and barter was invented. If humanity is to survive we better get back on the right path!


History has proved that no person is smart and wise enough to rule the world.

Few people, if any, are able to rule their own life with perfection.

For good progress we may need to just learn to rule our own life and allow others to learn to rule theirs.

Fix the System

If you wish to fix something, don't you first have to look to see why it doesn't work?

Then if you discover that a wrench was left in the machine and it is blocking the gears, then you know what is wrong. Then you don't change wrenches do you? You don't put a band-aid on the wrench and put it back in the machine, do you? No, you remove the wrench so that the gears can go around again. Simple!

It's the same problem with the Profit motivated economic system. It is not working and has never worked for the working people.

In 1980, 98.6% of the U.S. population made less than $50,000 adjusted gross income. 1.4% made over $50,000. 4,112 individuals made over a million dollars each. We have never got our fair share of our productivity! A few people have learned how to take the lion's share from our work. They call it Profit. The champion example of this in 1984 was the Mesa Petroleum Corporation. After all their expenses and wages, they made a net profit of $397,400 from each of their 700 employees' work.

Profit is the wrench that keeps our system from working for most of us. If we remove Profit from our economic system then people can work at jobs they can enjoy and have access to everything they need.

The workers have the control but they don't realize it.

Best Kept Secret

We produce and distribute all the goods and services. We don't need the rich guys. The rich guys need us. Workers need to discover their power and act on it. Let's inform them.

When people understand this biggest secret of all secrets, they can then all agree to stop taking pay on a certain date and from then on, give all products and services free of charge to everyone. When you take pay -- you must obey!

From then on everything will be free for everyone. Everyone will be free. No more wage-slaves. No one will own the big factories and big farms. People will just use them.

There will be no status in free products and no resale value, so there will be no reason to take more than one needs.

Bucky Fuller discovered with his "World Game" that there is an abundance of resources for an even larger world population than we have. The reason there is scarcity today is to keep prices high and to politically manipulate groups of people.

This free system could be called the Priceless Economic System (PES) or whatever.

What's Been Happening

Since the last issue of LFP, I've put on another 10,000 miles on my little Toyota Tercel. I took out the passenger seat four bolts and the two bolts for the rear right seat and put a piece of plywood in their place for a bed. I lived and traveled in the smallest motor home in the country for about four months. I got 40 miles to the gallon.

I parked on friends driveways, state parks, national forests and RV campgrounds. People 65 years and older get in National Forests campgrounds for 1/2 price and some state parks. There is a book on free campgrounds but I don't remember the title.

I drove from Minneapolis to Boulder, Colorado and visited a friend there a few days. Then on to northern California. There I stayed for about a month. Then down to Jacksonville, Florida to look for a sailboat. Seen several but none seemed just right for me.

Then I drove up to Little Falls, Minnesota and looked for a house. Then up to northern Wisconsin to look for 40 acres of woods.

The woods property that was $100 an acre last year was all sold out and prices were going up.

Then I drove back to Florida and looked at more sailboats. Found one owner who said he would probably make a trade with me for my car. He had a 1969 Hunter 26'. It was a fine boat but I didn't like the deck arrangement. You had to climb over the cabin to get to the bow instead of walking around it. That could be very tricky in rough weather.

I found a 26' for $3,000 and a 22' for $2,200. They both needed some work as they had been salvaged from the bottom. I wouldn't have minded fixing them up but it was so damn hot there, 92o at that time. I couldn't picture myself doing that work out in that hot sun in a boatyard.

Both times I was in Florida, I talked myself out of buying a boat. I hope someday soon I find just the right boat and buy it and begin my sailing adventures.

I returned to Little Falls and buckled down to find a cheap house to buy here. I lived in Charles Lindbergh State Park just about a mile out of LF near the Mississippi River. I lived there about a month and it cost me about $200 even with my senior discount.

No real cheap houses came on the market at that time. I got ahold of a free shopper paper from the next county. That had a mobile home advertised in it by an owner. I called him and he wanted only $700 for a two bedroom mobile home with a living room, kitchen, dining area and bath. I looked at it and could see that it needed some decorating but basically looked pretty good even though it was a 1969 model. 12' x 50'. I asked him what was the least he would take for it. He said he wouldn't take a cent less than $500. So I bought it right then and there.

I had it moved 30 miles to a mobile home park in Little Falls.

The move cost me $200. The rent here is $140 per month. Then I paid $180 to have the city gas connected and the furnace adjusted from bottle gas to city gas. It is costing me $180 to have it tied-down to anchors to meet the parks requirements. I just paid out $85 for skirt materials and must buy some lumber to fasten it to. This will keep the bottom of my trailer out of the cold Minnesota winds.

I connected it to the park water and sewer line. That cost me about $95 for materials.

I've already spent a full month working on the trailer. I had to buy cement blocks for about $40 and level and block it up. I was up on the roof removing the rust on the steel roof and painting those spots with aluminum tar.

I've replaced the faucets in the kitchen, lavatory and bathtub shower. I've replaced water pipes that were frozen and had burst. Still have one pipe to replace.

It has been an enjoyable creative challenge. Who can boast of having a home that only cost $500 with another $500 or so more for improvements. Besides I get all the exercise for both my body and mind to get everything figured out and done just right. And in one and a half years I'll be 70 years old. I can't believe I'm that old. I sure don't feel it.

While I'm getting all this exercise, each morning at about 7:00, I ride the 10 speed bike I bought at a rummage sale for $10, downtown for my second cup of coffee at my favorite cafe, the Black & White Cafe, which is a very unique pleasant little spot to read and write and even eat. Some antiques for atmosphere. Thousands of used books they sell for 25 cents for the LF public library. It has a feeling of spaciousness and calm.

While I was still living in Lindbergh SP I read a series of articles on the computer internet in the Minneapolis Star Journal.

I got all enthused and drove down to Minneapolis and bought a used 386 computer with a CGA color monitor, 1 meg of ram, 40 meg HD, 5 1/4" HD floppy drive and a 3 1/2" HD drive for $200 from a small Chinese computer store.

Later I found it too crowded living in my car with a computer so I sold it at cost to an old friend in LF.

Last week I went back to the same dealer and bought an XT computer with a 20 meg HD, 640K ram, a 5 1/4" floppy drive and a 3 1/2" drive with a monochrome monitor for $99 and a 9 pin printer for $25.

The laser printer I sold to a friend four months ago, he hadn't used and sold it back to me for the same price. Same with my old folding machine. So now I'm back in business. That really feels good.

So it seems I'm beginning to write again. Maybe with your help we'll get the PES show on the road and create a world-wide Utopia.

We've talked about it enough. It may be the right time for people to wake-up and live Free lives. You want to help before the establishment cons people into a revolution? They are working on that in earnest now.

Book Review

SIEGE OF EARTH, by John Faucette, Unibook, 1971. Entirely about a war. While reading this book, war started looking to me like a game that a few super-rich people (or perhaps aliens) are playing

and using humankind as toy soldiers. A game with no risk for the Elite, like a video game, only with real live players that they control through their generals.

If we are stupid enough to fight in their games, then we are the losers.


I wish that PES believers, who have computers tied into the

internet, would figure out some way to promote the PES on


PES Course

Anyone who would like to take an intensive one-to-one course in the PES can do so free of charge either by phone or in person.

I have an extra bedroom. Furnish your own food and bedding, use my extra bedroom, kitchen and bath free of charge. Graduate in an hour, a day or a week and go out and teach and learn and help create happiness and a sense of purpose and usefulness for yourself and those you contact. Call first to see if I'm going to be available on the date you propose to arrive. Phone 612-632-2813.


I sold all of my remaining copies of both, I WAS ROBOT and FREE I GOT, to an LFP subscriber, Jim Wortham, Marathon International Book Company, Box 32, Madison, IN 47250-0032. Now you can buy my books directly from Jim.

I WAS ROBOT, has 319 pages and was published in 1990 and is $7.95 postpaid and FREE I GOT, has 326 pages and was published in 1993 and is $8.95 postpaid.

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8-7-95 Ernest F. Mann