Test Your Geonomic Awareness


This "Geonomic IQ Test" is more precisely a trivia quiz to see how oriented you are toward geonomics, toward issues of worldwide economic justice.

You will have fun. Now get ready!

Warm up with this Practice Question.

Practice Question

Back when the sun never set on the British Empire, Prince Albert returned to England from a tour of the realm, the world's most extensive empire. A member of the reception committee welcoming the Prince on his return asked how His Highness had enjoyed the beautiful open spaces and vast wilderness of Canada. The Prince replied that he hated it. "There was so much free land," he said, that

"even I felt small and insignificant."
"I pitied the settlers for the work before them."
"I couldn't find a man to shine my boots."
"an investor must wait decades for a decent return."

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