A Personal Observation

Here's what one correspondent has to say:

" ... the most blatant form of corporate welfare possible. A wealthy Spokane developer is going to use a 23.8 Million H.U.D. loan to build a Nordstrom store. Does this sound familiar? This was done in Seattle by Mayor Norm Rice and it cooked Him from getting the H.U.D. cabinet post. In my opinion, Spokane officials have also lied and stated there was spot blight. It isn't the truth. The businesses across the street are flourishing owned by the same developer and during the holidays ran ads saying how wonderful their shopping center is and come down to shop. Is this spot blight?

I've written 6 letters to congressmen, to the oversight committees, and H.U.D. and have not received any answers. This Riverpark Square project should be used as a blatant example of how city officials and wealthy developers are not telling the truth to receive H.U.D. loans. Again, purportedly the wealthiest family in town is using the system along with city officials and are securing these funds to build a Nordstrom Store, in my opinion, under false pretenses. We need help!! When will this stop? This glaring example of H.U.D. funds should be investigated soon!!!!! A Nordstrom Store built with a guaranteed H.U.D. loan in Spokane, Washington. It's beyond belief!!!!! I want to remain anonymous because of a fear of reprisal."

What's your opinion? Send us your reactions or your own examples of blatant corporate welfare.

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