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  • Corrupt Government Giveaways Will Continue, Admits Congressman
  • Help Taxpayers -- Take Big Oil Off Welfare
  • Government Fails to Collect Public Revenue
  • Taxpayers Deserve to Know How Their Money is Squandered

  • Military Spending Scandal -- The Department of Waste

  • Some Courts Take Steps Against Corporate Welfare Queens

  • Wal-Mart Welfare

  • Using Corporate Welfare to Bias Elections

  • Corporate Welfare Queens Laugh as Toady Scrambles to Give Them Handouts -- D.C.'s Corrupt Mayor Wants to Give Away $440 Million While Schools Rot

  • World's Biggest Corporation is a Welfare Queen

  • To Boost Corporate Welfare Giveaways, U.S. Forest Service Tells Lies

  • WTO Rules Against U.S. Cotton Subsidies In Landmark Decision

  • Amid Huge Deficits, Congress Still Spending on Welfare Handouts to Timber Corporations

  • Federal Subsidies to Private Luxury Landowners

  • Congress Continues With Corruption and Failure -- Handouts to Large Agribusiness Corporations

  • Water Subsidies Go To Agribusiness Corporations

  • Administration Tells Taxpayers to Pay for Mining Companies' Toxic Pollution

  • Welfare Bribery Scandal Hits Jeb Bush But Nobody Cares

  • Corporate Welfare Harms Public Schools, Says New Report
  • Todd Altman on Why We Need to Abolish Corporate Welfare

    Test Your Corporate Welfare Awareness with this Free 20-Question Quiz!

    UPDATED Waste of the West tells you all about the corporate welfare ranchers who take assets that belong to taxpayers.

    Congressman Sanders Attacks Corporate Welfare

    Even the WTO Dares to Criticize US Corporate Welfare


    The sharpest and most exciting leader in the fight against Corporate Welfare is surely Taxpayers for Common Sense. Here are some of their most recent issue alerts (courtesy of The Progress Report)

    Taking Without Making -- explore the various problems of privatizing public values at the Common Assets Headquarters

    Excellent History of Corporate Laws and How We Got to the Current Mess

    Why We Need to Abolish Corporate Welfare

    Corporate Cannibals and the Spread of Mad Corporation Disease

    Land Deal Costs Taxpayers Millions

    This one is actually not new at all, but it's a well-written and appalling tale of The Great Arizona Rent-A-Cow Conspiracy

    CHALLENGE: Can you find a USA political party platform that specifically calls for an end to corporate welfare? Tell us please! So far, we know of only one. But which one? Make a guess. And the really big question is -- are there no other parties willing to speak against corporate welfare, and why?

    Two great cartoons! One shows corporate welfare queen George Bush getting handouts from the taxpayers, the other is a classic that shows the absurdity at its most basic.

    Structures of Sin that Oppress the Poor -- a religious perspective

    Scandal -- Huge Payments of Tax Dollars to Agribusiness Corporations Even if They Don't Bother to Plant a Crop

    For the latest views on current issues, check out the Economic Justice Discussion Room. Post a question! Settle an argument!

    Astute, deep analysis by thinker Jeff Smith on the whole idea of subsidies, both obvious and hidden. (courtesy of The Progress Report)

    Corporate Welfare testimony at the congressional Budget Committee

    We love this gallery of the Biggest Welfare Queens!

    Corporate Welfare Scandal in Maryland

    Taxpayers Forced to Subsidize Agribusiness

    Major Union Calls for Corporate Welfare Reform

    Supreme Court Ruling Allows Limits on Corporate Welfare -- Agribusiness Cattle Grazing on Public Land is a Privilege, Not a Right

    Special Series on Agribusiness Corporate Welfare Scheme

    Dump the Pork Tax!

    Family Farmers Fight Against Unjust Taxes

    Special Guest Assesses Pork Tax, Fairness


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