corporate welfare

Eli Lilly Goes on Welfare
corporate welfare


A news release from the Alliance for Democracy.

The Alliance for Democracy of Indiana (AFD) was denied their request for continuance on the hearing granting large tax abatements to corporate giant Eli Lilly & Co. Following the instructions in the Metropolitan Development Commissions Rules of Procedure, this group of concerned citizens requested the continuance in writing seven days prior to the Sept.1 meeting.

Requesting again in person, Stefanie Miller, representing the Alliance for Democracy said, "We believe this an extremely important issue and as ordinary citizens it is only fair that we have the chance to research and analyze the costs and benefits to taxpayers."

A tax abatement of this size deserves public participation. No response was made to her statement. The embarrassed Commission then denied the request, quickly voted yes on the resolutions, and casually asked if anyone else had anything to say. Ms. Miller then spoke further to the issue:

The Alliance for Democracy has filed for Appeal.


Alliance for Democracy of Indiana PO Box 34133 Indianapolis, IN 46234 317 872-3516

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