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In 1913, Guess Who were Neighbors?
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Freud, Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, and Tito Shared What?

Trotsky and Stalin were just two of a number of men who lived in central Vienna in 1913 and whose lives were destined to mould, indeed to shatter, much of the 20th century. This 2013 excerpt is from the BBC, Apr 17.

By Andy Walker

A century ago, one section of Vienna played host to Adolf Hitler, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Tito, Sigmund Freud and Joseph Stalin.

The characters would have spent much time in the same two square miles of central Vienna.

No-one knows if Hitler bumped into Trotsky, or Tito met Stalin. But works like Dr Freud Will See You Now, Mr Hitler -- a 2007 radio play by Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran -- are lively imaginings of such encounters.

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JJS: After World War I blew apart Vienna’s café life, some activists in the old Austro-Hungarian Empire turned to promoting the shift of taxes from efforts to never-produced land. A coalition of both communists and capitalists put a stop to them. Before World War I shattered the German Empire, some small towns already had shifted their taxes off efforts, onto land, due to the efforts of some of their residents who were powerful men, being retired admirals from the German Navy. Too bad war destroys such good ideas.


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