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Do Gatekeepers, LIke Refs, Keep the Game Fair?

A World Without Gatekeepers?

Lawyers and businesspeople do about as well as anyone else in elections. The people who do have an advantage are those who have worked for officeholders, are related to officeholders, or have ties to political organizations like unions or interest groups. We excerpt this 2013 article from Pacific Standard, Apr 2,

By Seth Masket

The book The Party Decides shows how party insiders (such as donors, activists, officeholders) have effectively determined the presidential nominees within each party since 1980. In many of these nomination contests, there’s a charismatic, entrepreneurial outsider candidate who vies for the title through campaign spending, good press, inspiring speeches, etc. (Think Howard Dean in 2004, John McCain in 2000, Jerry Brown in 1992, Gary Hart in 1984, and so on.) He almost invariably loses. The reason is that the gatekeepers still exist. A fairly small number of influential party insiders are still making these decisions for us.

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JJS: Then the next question is, if you have to sell a few insiders, whom do you first have to sell to impress them? I bet those insiders would like to see a popular following for your new great idea.


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