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Marking the day that the IRS makes cowards of Americans, we excerpt a half dozen 2013 articles from: (1) TruthOut, Apr 6, on rich avoidance by G. Lavender; (2) AP, Apr 5, on Wesley Snipes; (3) AP, Apr 5, on offshore leaks by L. Hinnant; (4) Grit TV, Apr 15, on Paolo Cirio by L. Flanders; (5) WRL, prior to Apr 15, on war spending; and (6) Democracy, Apr 15, on resistance by Amy Goodman.

by George Lavender, by Associated Press, by Lori Hinnant, by Laura Flanders, by War Resisters League, and by Amy Goodman

Imagine paying almost nothing in taxes. Sounds great doesnít it? Some of Americaís biggest companies are doing just that while raking in millionsÖ or even billions in profits, thanks to loopholes and more than a little political influence.

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Wesley Snipes has been released from a federal prison in Pennsylvania. Snipes was convicted in 2008 on tax charges. He was placed under home confinement.

Snipes has appeared in dozens of films, from "White Men Can't Jump" and "Demolition Man" in the early 1990s to the "Blade" trilogy. He entered the McKean prison in December 2010 to begin a three-year sentence for failure to file income tax returns.

Snipes belonged to a group that challenged the government's right to collect taxes. Snipes had appealed in an Atlanta court, saying he didn't get a fair trial.

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It's a data leak involving tens of thousands of offshore bank accounts, naming dozens of prominent figures around the world. Among those named include a top campaign official in France, the ex-wife of pardoned oil trader Marc Rich, Azerbaijan's ruling family, the daughter of Imelda Marcos, and the late Baron Elie de Rothschild.

They use a network of empty holding companies and names essentially rented out to fill out boards of non-existent corporations, including a British couple listed as active in more than 2,000 entities.

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists consortium promised to continue publishing details in coming weeks.

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Paolo Cirio invites you to protest tax evasion by availing yourself of an "offshore tax haven" -- just as the biggest businesses do. Eighty percent of hedge funds have their companies registered anonymously in the Cayman Islands. That's how they avoid the taxes they'd pay at home. Cirio has not only hacked the Cayman's registry site but created certificates of authentication for the rest of us -- using the information he has uncovered.

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Each year, War Resisters League analyzes federal funds outlays as presented in detailed tables in "Analytical Perspectives" of the Budget of the United States Government. Our analysis is based on federal funds, which do not include trust funds -- such as Social Security -- that are raised separately from income taxes for specific purposes. What you pay (or don't pay) by April 15, 2012 goes to the federal funds portion of the budget -- almost half (47%) of that goes to wars, past, present, and future.

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April 15th, Tax Day, is when millions of Americans scramble to file income taxes on time. Itís also a day when people across the country protest the use of tax dollars to fund war.

To protest paying for lethal weapons, some Americans are taking a stand by personally refusing to fund the military. These tax resisters are risking jail time by withholding all or a portion of their federal income taxes, and instead redirecting the money to humanitarian efforts.

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JJS: Does government really have the right to take your money, from any source, in any amount, to do whatever they want? That people accept taxation I think is a vestige of serfdom and slavery; people are not civilized so much as domesticated. We even say ďmy taxesĒ while itís your money and their -- the governmentís -- taxes.

Despite the fact that the taxes they pay fund war and bailouts of Wall Street, wannabe do-gooders want to keep taxes for the day they win power so they can take back money from the rich. But if thatís the case, why do they give the money to the lucky insiders in the first place, creating the rich? If you donít want them to have the money, donít give it to them.

Hereís what to do: * Abolish corporate welfare and most discretionary spending in general. * Abolish taxes on our efforts; the rich donít really make much effort, itís everyone else who does, and doing so creates tax liabilities: their wages, their sales, their homes. * Instead, redirect all of societyís spending for land and resources into the public treasury * Then back out again as a dividend for the citizenry. Getting that extra income apart from their labor (or capital), while not losing income to taxation, people can afford to negotiate higher wages, which also shrink the torrent of income flowing to the well-posed insiders.

Letís quit complaining about people not paying the governmentís taxes -- become one of them. Letís abolish the whole notion of taking from others. Letís reinforce the notion of contributing to society by paying for what we take, not what we make.


Editor Jeffery J. Smith runs the Forum on Geonomics and helped prepare a course for the UN on geonomics. To take the ďLand RightsĒ course, click here .

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