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'One Subject' Introduced in Congress!

Politicians have made it easy for them to pass bad laws and hard for voters to choose good leaders -- but that might change. We trim, blend, and append two 2012 articles from (1) Downsize DC, Jan 31, voting in Congress by J. Babka (President), and (2) a regular contributor J. Hirschhorn, Jan 30, on popular voting.

by Jim Babka and by Joel Hirschhorn

The "One Subject at a Time Act" has finally been introduced in Congress!

Congress routinely passes unpopular laws. How? They combine them with unrelated bills that are sure to pass. The "One Subject at a Time Act" would prevent this.

The REAL ID Act is a perfect example of how Congressional leaders pass laws that lack majority support. This bill created a scheme Americans have always opposed -- a national ID card. This idea had so little support that it couldn't even be brought to a vote in the Senate. Yet . . .

Congressional leaders got it passed anyway, by attaching it to a bill Senators were afraid to oppose -- the "Emergency, Supplemental Appropriations Act for Defense, the Global War on Terror, and Tsunami Relief." (May, 2005)

Senators were scared to reject funding for the troops in Iraq and Tsunami relief, so the REAL ID Act became the law of the land.

Now, may One Subject become the law of the land. Freshman Representative Tom Marino of Pennsylvania is the sponsor. The bill number is HR 3806. We encourage you to give him positive feedback. Can we flood his Facebook page with positive comments and his congressional office with phone calls? (202) 225-3731

The Williamsport Tea Party was a crucial ally. This is a unique group that was well-organized and principle-focused (instead of candidate-centered). They had a clear objectives. They maintained persistent pressure.

Now we can begin to attract co-sponsors to this orginal Downsize DC Agenda bill, if we can build a sound foundation. Getting more sponsors requires more organization with a larger army behind it.

To see the whole article, click here .

JJS: The system for voting by people in Congress is as broken as the system for voting to put people into Congress and the White House. Happily, just as there is a good bill in Congress to correct the situation, there's a good effort by citizens to correct presidential elections.

Come election night I would be overjoyed to see Obama lose and equally overjoyed to see the Republican candidate, whoever it is, also lose. I cannot see how either Romney or Gingrich or even Ron Paul could possibly offer what is truly needed to fix the root causes of all the dysfunction, corruption, and despair with the US political and government system. And Obama? Nothing but slickness instead of results.

No major presidential candidate supports any of the constitutional amendments critically needed to reform our system. After so much failed government, a whole lot of Americans are ready to support amendments that would, for example, mandate term limits for members of Congress, remove all private money from federal elections, require a balanced federal budget, and revitalize the constitutional requirement for Congress explicitly declaring war.

With one or two billion dollars spent on campaigning for this presidential election cycle the real winners will be all the media companies and army of campaign advisors and consultants getting all that money. With the media and pundits focusing on the election the public has been robbed of real in depth news coverage of countless issues and situations worldwide that we should be far better informed about, especially to better understand exactly what public policies we should want from the president and Congress. The mainstream media that treats the presidential campaigns like sporting events has become as superficial as the presidential candidates.

With relatively little media attention to it, few Americans know about the Americans Elect national effort that will place a presidential candidate on every state ballot. The candidates for president and vice president will result from a lengthy process conducted on the Internet involving millions of Americans that have signed up to be part of that process. For a fair analysis of this innovative process read what John Heilemann has said in New York Magazine, Jan 22.

If millions of Americans vote for the Americans Elect alternative ticket, that could be the event that could motivate actions to get us genuine reforms of our political and government system. The Americans Elect ticket does not have to win, just show the Democrats and Republicans how much they are both being rejected.

People must stop worrying about the “spoiler”, that a vote for the Americans Elect ticket will cause the ticket one most opposes to win. In the end it does not matter whether the Republican or Democratic presidential candidate wins, principally because elite rich and corporate interests will still prevail. The top one percent will still own and control our nation under either a Republican or Democratic president.

My advice: Don’t waste time on following all the nonsense about the Republican primaries and later about the main campaign from both major party candidates. Don’t let yourself be manipulated. Instead, sign up at Americans Elect and join the 2.4 million Americans who have already joined the process to give Americans a true alternative to both major parties. Note that 80 percent of people have said they are ready to support an alternative presidential ticket this year. Will they put their votes where their words are?

To see the whole article, click here .

JJS: A good example of how irrelevant the candidates and their system is to most people is how in South Carolina the comedian candidate drew a huge rally that was many times bigger than public support for any of the mainstream candidates that the media focuses on. What is the most powerful step we can take to make government relevant? At this point, I suppose it’s anybody’s guess. My hope is that if a charismatic candidate were to run on a strict program of geonomics and not get bogged down in the myriad of issues, then a critical mass of youth and other disenfranchised would put that leader over the top.


Editor Jeffery J. Smith runs the Forum on Geonomics and helped prepare a course for the UN on geonomics. To take the “Land Rights” course, click here .

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