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New Book -- Dying for Justice

Dying for Justice, by George J. Miller, M.D. Teddington, UK: Centre for Land Policy Studies, copyright 2003. Paperbound, 74 pages.

A news announcement from the Centre for Land Policy Studies:

Dr. George J. Miller estimates that about 50,000 people in England and Wales alone die prematurely each year from causes that are rooted in biases in the tax system. These victims of taxation lose up to nine years of life because their health is compromised by economic disadvantages that are caused or legitimized by government's choice of policies for raising the public's revenue.

Dr. Miller's assessment challenges the government -- and the governments of all the world's nations -- to investigate why the "Welfare State" has failed to narrow the gaps in life expectancy and income distribution between the richest and poorest people.

A professor of epidemiology, Dr. Miller has devoted his working life to scientific investigation into the causes of ill-health. But he now concludes that the health community needs to recognize that some life-shortening disorders are beyond the remedies of medicine.

"We have to get over the barrier that separates medicine from political economy," says Dr. Miller. "Otherwise, the problems of ill-health and poverty will remain with us. The health of the people is inseparable from the nation's economy, and I believe that the construct of Britain's current political economy serves ordinary working families poorly."

Dr. Miller claims that a restructured tax system would equalize life expectancies. He proposes that taxes should be removed from people's wages and their savings, and the revenue to pay for public services should be raised from the rent of the nation's land and natural resources. This, he explains, would emancipate millions of people who are unnecessarily distressed physically and psychologically by the economic distortions that deprive them of amenities such as affordable housing.

Without these reforms, this year another 50,000 people will die unnecessarily, in England and Wales alone. If Dr. Miller's prescription for tax reform were adopted, he believes that the government would be able to generate all the resources it needs to fund a world-class health service.


Dr. Miller's new book, Dying for Justice, can be ordered for £7.95 from the Centre for Land Policy Studies, 7 Kings Road, Teddington TW11, 0QB, United Kingdom. Email: Also available from the Robert Schalkenbach Foundation online catalog.

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